Lies of P Romeo King of Puppets: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Romeo King of Puppets: How to Beat it

Lies of P is a game in which there are a myriad of bosses to defeat, some more difficult to face and others simpler. One of the most difficult ones is certainly the Lies of P Romeo King of Puppets boss which, if you don't adopt the right strategy, could put you in difficulty. In any case, fear not. In this article, we will tell you in detail how to get the better of this boss and be able to continue with your adventure.

This boss is practically the watershed between the first part of the game and the second. As usual, this boss fight is also made up of two phases, albeit with two different enemies, both quite difficult to face if you throw yourself headlong into the fight without following a particular strategy. However, the peculiarity of this battle is that each stage will be against a different enemy, so the strategy to be used will be different, as will the attacks that the enemies will use.

How to beat King of Puppets

The first stage of this battle is against the King of Puppets. Despite his size, his attacks are quite fast, and not all of them can be parried. Consequently, the most effective strategy to use is to try to dodge his attacks and hit him as soon as you have the chance.

Phase 1

During the first phase, you will have to clash with a huge armored enemy, namely the King of Puppets. His main attacks consist of large swimming strikes and spinning slamming strikes. In case the boss starts to spin, the strategy to use is to perform a perfect guard, but pay attention to the fact that he will use two of this type of attack in a row.

Another attack to watch out for is when the King of Puppets will roll to one side and then stop; this is when he will use a backhand or forehand attack. Watch out for his second arm. If it is also facing downwards, it means that the boss will use this attack twice consecutively. In any case, whatever variant of this attack this Lies of P boss intends to use, the strategy to adopt is to dodge it.

In this phase, the King of Puppets will also be able to use a gun to shoot mines which will explode shortly after being thrown. This moment is the right one to get closer and land some shots. However, hit him when he is throwing the mines because as soon as he is done, the boss will make use of his swinging attacks. At this point, the thing to do is to dodge them (paying attention to the mines), as blocking one of these attacks is very risky.

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Phase 2

In the second phase of the battle, the King of Puppets will begin to use his own arms as weapons, once he is able to extend them. In case you are near him when he uses this type of attack, stay as close as possible to his feet so as not to be hit and land some hits. If, however, you are at a distance, stay there and, once he finishes his attack, move closer to hit him from behind.

In this phase, the King of Puppets will also make use of an attack that will transform him into a sort of giant turbine. This attack is very dangerous, so our advice is to move continuously and not stay close to it, otherwise you will certainly suffer damage as this attack cannot be blocked. Another similar attack, however, will see his torso rotate while the rest of his body walks. Keep in mind that you can't block this attack if you stand too far away.

Finally, pay attention to his Furious attacks. First, the boss will throw himself on the ground and then swing his arms. To get the better of this type of attack, our advice is to position yourself behind him, as from this position his arms cannot reach you. Furthermore, you will also be able to land hits to deal damage to him.

In conclusion, we can say that to be able to overcome this first phase, you will not have to encounter many difficulties, as the King of Puppets' attacks are quite predictable. The best strategy is to learn that not all of his attacks can be parried and, above all, try to dodge most of his attacks. In fact, dodging opens up the opportunity for you to inflict large amounts of damage at the right times.

lies of p bosses

How to beat Romeo

Once you have defeated the King of Puppets, a humanoid enemy will emerge from inside him who will give you a real hard time. For this reason, to best face this second stage of the battle, you will have to prepare as best as possible and be very patient, because it will very likely be that you will have to repeat the battle several times.

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Phase 1

At the beginning of the battle, Romeo will essentially make use of very fast combos that will manage to break your guard. The most effective strategy is to dodge attacks or keep a safe distance, because trying to block them is not a very easy thing to do. Pay close attention to his eyes: if they are red, it means he is preparing to carry out a frontal attack. Although it is possible to parry the first part of the attack, the second will hit you regardless, inflicting damage, so we advise you to dodge it.

If you are at a distance, Romeo will throw the scythe at you. However, this attack is quite simple to avoid and therefore you won't have any particular problems. Another attack in this Lies of P boss's arsenal is to circle around you, releasing a circle of fire, and then attack you meleely. In this case, our advice is to dodge the attack and hit him.

Phase 2

During the second phase of the battle, Romeo will set his weapon on fire, so as to also inflict fire damage on you if you are hit. At this point, he will launch himself towards you to try to pull off a very fast combo of attacks that will be difficult to parry. Furthermore, even if you succeed, you will still receive fire damage. For this reason, this is without a doubt the most difficult attack you will have to deal with.

Romeo also has a Furious attack available in his arsenal which is practically an invincible heel kick. This attack gives you enough time to be able to use a perfect guard, but for this reason, learning the right timing will not be easy. Consequently, our advice is to dodge it rather than try to parry it. A variation is an aerial kick which, however, is quite simple to dodge.

Ultimately, the most effective strategy to use to defeat this boss is to continuously run and dodge, without trying to parry his attacks. This way, you will be able to avoid most of his attacks and you will also have the chance to hit him. Once you manage to defeat him, you will receive as a reward Burnt-White King's Ergo, Puppet Prince's Formal Dress, and Someone's Necklace, as well as a decent amount of Ergo.

lies of p romeo king of puppets

Lies of P Romeo King of Puppets: How to Beat it
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