Lies of P Red Fox: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Red Fox: How to Beat it

The Lies of P Red Fox boss is another of the optional bosses that you can encounter during your adventure. Based on the dialogue choices you make every time you encounter her, you can decide to fight her or not. Once you have completed the mission linked to his brother Black Cat, you can then decide whether to start the fight with this boss or not.

How to unlock the Red Fox boss fight

The first thing to know is that, although you will meet this character many times during your adventure, you will not be able to engage in a fight with her until you reach a late stage of Lies of P. In fact, both she and her brother, are important characters to continue the story of the game.

After you encounter Red Fox for the first time in the Union Workshop Culvert, you will encounter her a second time at the Path of the Pilgrim. Once you meet Black Cat in the Grand Exihibition, refuse to give him Gold Coin Fruit. At this point, a battle will start with this character, which is important to start as otherwise you will not be able to fight Red Fox later.

The clash with Red Fox, however, will take place later in the story, in Arche Abbey. Red Fox will ask you again to give her the Gold Coin Fruit. All you have to do is decline this request again. At this point, you will be ready to fight this Lies of P boss. However, if you decide to accept the request of both Black Cat and Red Fox, you will not be able to start this clash. So, it's up to you to choose how to proceed.

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How to beat Red Fox

In case you have chosen the path that leads you to an inevitable clash with the Lies of P Red Fox boss, we tell you straight away that, fortunately, it is not a very difficult boss to face. For this reason, in fact, we have also added him to the list of the easiest bosses in Lies of P. Since to get to this boss fight you will necessarily have faced his brother, know that the fight is quite similar, just slightly more complex.

The most useful strategy to use against this boss, once again, is to be able to dodge his shots. Like all enemies that have a humanoid appearance, Red Fox also has the advantage of being a fast enemy who uses fairly long combos to attack you. Consequently, our advice is to learn his pattern well and be as precise as possible in avoiding his attacks.

In case Red Fox makes use of jumping or twirling attacks, the most effective strategy to use in this case is to block them. Dodging these attacks is really difficult, so we don't recommend taking this type of approach. Blocking them, however, is simpler, even if you are not an expert blocker. Pay attention to the timing and you should be able to parry these attacks without much difficulty.

Ultimately, the general advice we would like to give you to get the better of this boss is to try to get behind her whenever you have the chance. Hitting the boss from behind, in fact, will guarantee you inflict a large amount of damage on the boss, in order to speed up the entire battle. However, don't rush too much and still have patience, as rushing headlong is never the correct strategy in this type of game. Once defeated, you will receive the Ergo as a reward and one of the Lies of P accessories that you can collect during the adventure.

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Lies of P Red Fox: How to Beat it
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