Lies of P Mad Clown Puppet: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Mad Clown Puppet: How to Beat it

The Lies of P Mad Clown Puppet is a mini-boss that players can face after defeating the White Lady. In fact, as soon as you reach the Estella Opera House, you can decide to face this boss or not, since it is an optional battle. However, you can also decide not to fight him and decide to continue to activate the Mansion Stargazer. Or, you can also decide to retrace your steps later. However, if you decide to face him, keep in mind that he is one of the most difficult bosses to face in Lies of P.

How to beat Mad Clown Puppet

Even though he isn't a main boss, that doesn't mean he won't give you a hard time – quite the opposite, on the contrary. The most difficult thing to manage in the boss fight against the Mad Clown Puppet is the fact that he has a myriad of different attacks available in his arsenal, which are not very easy to predict and memorize. Consequently, you will have to pay a lot of attention, otherwise, it will be very easy for you to be caught by surprise.

The most dangerous attacks that you will have to pay particular attention to are his two Fury attacks which differ based on whether you are close to him or not. If you are close, you will have no escape, as he will land a lethal combo; if, however, you are at a distance, the Mad Clown Puppet will throw his right arm directly towards your direction. Our advice is to try as much as possible to memorize his pattern, also because he will make use of other moves, in such a way as to have an easier life during the fight,

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Another piece of advice we can give you is to make use of Flame Grindstones, so that your weapons can also inflict fire damage, an element to which the Mad Clown Puppet is vulnerable. Furthermore, don't be afraid to equip some throwable items, which will surely come in handy during this challenge. Consequently, our advice is to farm or purchase some items before throwing yourself headlong into the fight with this Lies of P boss.

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One very important thing that you must absolutely keep in mind is the fact that the boss will attack immediately, as soon as you enter his range. So be very careful not to get hit. Also, pay particular attention, as previously mentioned, to when he throws his arm. In that case, try to run sideways to avoid him and then be able to counterattack.

Ultimately, since his attacks have a fairly wide range, fighting in narrow spaces is equivalent to digging the grave with your own hands, so the most important advice to follow is to try to stay in the widest possible places. This way, you will be able to avoid his attacks more easily, although in general, dodging his attacks will not be very easy.

Attack the Mad Clown Puppet only during the cooldown moments between attacks, because trying to do so at other times will guarantee you taking damage. By implementing a more prudent strategy, however, with a little patience, you will be able to defeat him. Once you do this, you will receive a Quartz as a reward.

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lies of p mad clown puppet

Lies of P Mad Clown Puppet: How to Beat it
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