Lies of P Laxasia the Complete: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Laxasia the Complete: How to Beat it

The Lies of P Laxasia the Complete boss is certainly not an easy boss to face, so much so that we have also named him in the list of the most difficult bosses in Lies of P. Obviously, no matter how difficult a fight may be, there is always a way to face it and try to make it easier, also because Laxasia is one of the main bosses, so if you want to see the end credits you will have to be able to defeat her.

How to beat Laxasia the Complete

By now, having reached this point in the story, almost at the end, you will know that most of the bosses are characterized by a double phase to face. And Laxasia the Complete is certainly no exception. In order to succeed in both phases, you will need to be able to make perfect guards, as they will prove to be very useful during the battle. In any case, in this article, we will tell you in detail what to do in both phases of the battle with the Lies of P Laxasia the Complete boss.

Phase 1

During the first phase, Laxasia will mainly make use of her great sword. For this reason, you will have to approach this phase of the battle as you would against any armed and resistant enemy. To make your life a little easier, you could make use of a wraith, although it is unlikely to stay alive for very long. However, these are the attacks you will need to pay the most attention to during the first phase.

If you are at a distance, Laxasia will make use of a type of attack that will allow her to run and then launch a very powerful attack. If you are good enough to land a perfect guard, in this way you will be able to fill the boss's stagger bar every time, so that you can induce it into this state to inflict greater damage, and without having the risk of being hit.

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Another attack in her arsenal is a combo of three attacks, which however are quite slow and therefore not difficult to parry or dodge. However, if you see that her sword starts to light up, it means that she is about to launch an attack that will create pools of electricity that will inflict a lot of damage on you. Try at all costs to avoid them and not get hit by the attacks that follow them. A sort of variation of this attack, it will see Laxasia go backwards and then come towards you and grab you. Avoid grabbing her at all costs as she could be lethal.

If, however, you are close to the boss, Laxasia will start throwing kicks. In this case, the best strategy to use is to parry this type of attack. Finally, in this first phase, pay attention to when Laxasia the Complete brings her sword high. This means that she will be ready to launch a very long combo that will be difficult to parry due to the many attacks. Consequently, our advice is to run away and avoid the shots.

Despite all these attacks available in her arsenal, this Lies of P boss will also have cooldown moments between one or the other. These moments are the ones you will have to take advantage of to get closer and land a few shots, before moving away again and continuing the strategy indicated above. With a little patience, you will be able to overcome this first phase of the battle.

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Phase 2

The second phase of the battle, as usual, is certainly the most dangerous one. Now, the boss will no longer have his armor and his moves will all be linked to the element of lightning, so be careful not to take elemental damage, in addition to normal damage. For this phase, therefore, attention must be even greater.

The first attack of the second phase is scripted and will always be the same. Laxasia will leap into the air to fire lightning bolts at you. At this point, the most effective strategy to use is to make use of the perfect guard to parry these arrows and send them straight back to the sender to inflict damage on the boss. Obviously, to be able to do this you will need to be familiar with the parry mechanics.

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If it rises into the air again, it means that Laxasia is preparing to shoot a very fast arrow, right in your direction. This attack can also be blocked and returned to the sender, although keep in mind that you will still suffer damage, even if very slightly. So it's up to you to choose whether to waste some of your life to take some of your opponent's.

During this phase, pay particular attention to his slashes as the timing of this type of move is not predictable. Our advice, therefore, is to try to move as much as possible to try not to get hit. Also, if he uses his shield, it means he will rise into the air and then hit you with two more slashes, so be very careful.

An important thing to know is that, in case Laxasia is guarding, hitting her will be useless as you will not inflict any type of damage on her. For this reason, in this case, the best thing to do is to move away and use this time to heal yourself or catch your breath for a moment before continuing to defend yourself (and attack when you have the chance).

Ultimately, although it is a difficult boss to face and with many different attacks in its arsenal, you will have to try to balance both the defensive and offensive phases. If you manage to land some good attacks and fill his stagger gauge, this will allow you to have an easier fight. Therefore, be cautious, but always try to be efficient as well.

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Lies of P Laxasia the Complete: How to Beat it
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