Lies of P King’s Flame Fuoco: How to Beat it

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Lies of P King’s Flame Fuoco: How to Beat it

Among the bosses you will encounter at the beginning of the game, the Lies of P King's Flame Fuoco is certainly the most difficult to face. And, overall, it can be considered one of the hardest bosses in Lies of P. For this reason, if you want to be able to overcome this obstacle and continue playing the game, you will have to adopt an excellent strategy that can make your life easier. Luckily for you, in this article, we will explain in detail what you will have to do to defeat this fearsome boss.

How to beat King's Flame Fuoco

Like most of the boss fights in Lies of P, the one against King's Flame Fuoco is also divided into two different phases. Despite the difficulty of this encounter, however, the boss has a particular weakness that can be used to your advantage. In fact, King's Flame Fire is vulnerable to electrical damage, so if you manage to recover objects capable of inflicting this type of damage, the boss fight will be much easier to complete.

Phase 1

During the course of the first phase, while you are trying to hit your opponent with objects that deal electrical damage, be careful to block or avoid his hammer attacks. In fact, in this first phase, they can be considered the most dangerous ones which, if they hit you, will inflict a lot of damage. However, the rest of his melee attacks are not easy to parry, so the strategy I suggest you use is to avoid them.

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Consequently, once you have moved to a safe distance from the boss, you can start throwing electric objects at him to inflict damage. Our advice, therefore, is to make use of this strategy, but in case you don't have these items, you can also wait for the boss to finish his attacks and then use the cooldown periods to get closer and hit him. Obviously, this strategy will put you at greater risk of being hit, as well as prolong the time it will take to defeat him.

Ultimately, that's all for the first phase. Overall, this is a phase that is not too difficult to manage, especially if you use electrical items. In any case, even if your strategy were to fall back on the more classic one, it is not a very complex phase and the enemy's attacks can be avoided without too many problems.

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Phase 2

A completely different story, however, is the second phase of the clash. Once King's Flame Fire has reached half of his health, the second phase of the battle will begin, certainly more challenging than the previous one. He practically immediately pays attention to his attack in which he will throw fire that will cover almost the entire surface of the arena, just as the phase begins. Try at all costs not to get hit by this fire, as it will inflict the Overheat status, which will cause your health to drop over time.

In addition to this initial attack, during the second phase, you will also have to pay attention to the attack with which he will launch fire projectiles. Given the nature of this attack, therefore, even if you are at a distance, you can still be hit, so you will have to be very careful. In this case, the best strategy is to avoid his attacks and stay on the move until he finishes using this type of attack.

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Ultimately, we can say that King's Flame Fuoco is certainly a difficult boss to face, especially considering the fact that it is the third boss you will encounter in the game, therefore in a phase in which you may not yet have fully assimilated the game mechanics of Lies of P. However, by following the strategies we have indicated above and above all by making use of particular items, you will be able to defeat the boss more easily than those who decide to throw themselves headlong into this boss fight.

As usual, in fact, being hasty and not using a strategy turns in most cases into a premature death, with the risk of having to repeat the same battle over and over again. Being prudent and patient, however, will reward you in the long run. Speaking of rewards, once you manage to defeat the Lies of P King's Flame Fire, you will be rewarded with the following items: the High-powered Flame Amplifier, the King's Flame Ergo, and the Flame Grindstone. Return to Eugenie to give her the High-powered Flame Amplifier to get the Flamberge Legion Arm; while the King's Flame Ergo can be used by one of the Lies of P merchants, to be precise Alidoro.

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Lies of P King’s Flame Fuoco: How to Beat it
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