Lies of P Door Guardian: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Door Guardian: How to Beat it

In Lies of P, it is also possible to come across optional mini-bosses that you can decide to fight or not. As we indicated in our list of optional bosses, the Lies of P Door Guardian is a boss found in the lower part of Arche Abbey. In this article, we will explain in detail how to kill this boss, in case you intend to do so.

How to beat Door Guardian

This boss is similar, in terms of its size, to Champion Victor, one of the most difficult bosses to face in Lies of P. Fortunately for you, however, this boss, in this case, is not that difficult to face. It is certainly a unique boss, against which you can use a similar strategy as the one used to defeat Champion Victor, but you will also have to pay attention to some peculiarities.

The first thing you will immediately notice as soon as you engage in this boss fight is that the boss's legs suffer no damage, or almost nothing; especially one covered in armor. For this reason, hitting the legs does not have effective effects in terms of decreasing his life, but hitting the exposed leg, which is therefore not covered by armor, is very useful for making the boss fall into a state of stagger. Once staggered, you can unleash your fury and attack him to inflict a lot of damage.

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Precisely because Door Guardian is a large boss, his attacks are very slow and therefore quite predictable. Most of his attacks, in fact, can very well be avoided if you pay attention to his pattern and make sure you are at a distance from the boss. Once you see that the enemy has finished his series of attacks, catapult towards him to attack him, before returning to a safe distance.

Our advice is to use this type of approach especially when the Door Guardian will use its overhead slam attacks. In fact, all attacks in this category have a fairly long recovery time, which will allow you to attack the enemy in complete safety. Therefore, get close and hit his leg to build the stagger bar, so you can stagger him to deal more damage.

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However, in addition to staying at a distance, you can also decide to fight more closely, if you have learned to use dodge well. In fact, all these attacks can be dodged without any problem, the only thing to pay attention to is your timing, so study the situation well. If you are an experienced dodger, this strategy is certainly the most recommended, as it allows you to hit the boss several times and therefore inflict more damage.

This boss's most dangerous attack, however, is the Fury attack elbow drop. the best strategy to avoid being hit by this type of attack is only one: run away. However, once this type of attack is over, do not rush to counterattack and pay close attention to the Door Guardian's behavior. In fact, it is possible that, after this Fury attack, the boss will make use of a somersault attack that could catch you unprepared. The strategy we recommend using, therefore, is to stay nearby and wait for him to get back on his feet.

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Ultimately, in order to get the better of this Lies of P boss the most effective strategy to use is to dodge and avoid his blows, and then attack him during the cooldown periods. This way, you will be able to induce him into a stagger state faster, which will result in greater damage dealt and therefore a shorter battle duration. As mentioned previously, this is not a very difficult boss to face, so if you stick with this strategy, you will be able to defeat him in no time. Once defeated, you will receive the High-level Alchemist Bridge Key as a reward which will allow you to unlock an area and some Ergo.

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Lies of P Door Guardian: How to Beat it
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