Lies of P Black Cat: How to Beat it

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Lies of P Black Cat: How to Beat it

The Lies of P Black Cat is an optional boss that you can decide to fight or not. This is the brother of Red Fox, so you will practically always find them in pairs in different places. Since this is an optional boss fight, in order to trigger it, you will have to select certain dialogue options. In this guide, in addition to explaining how to defeat this boss, we will also tell you where to find it and what to do to trigger this boss fight.

How to unlock the Black Cat boss fight

Since Black Cat is part of some story missions that you will have to complete, you cannot decide to fight him until you have completed them all. In any case, the first time you will meet this character in the Union Worshop Culvert. However, there will also be other places where you can talk to this character.

You will encounter Black Cat again in the Malum District, near the Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer. Afterwards, you will meet him at the Grand Exihibition. This is where your choice will matter and determine whether you can fight Black Cat or not. The character, in fact, will ask you for an object, the Gold Coin Tree. If you decide to accept his request, you won't have to fight the next time you meet him; otherwise, as soon as you meet him again, the boss fight against him will begin.

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How to beat Black Cat

Although there is the possibility of skipping this encounter completely, if you decide to face Black Cat you won't have to worry too much. The fight against this boss, in fact, will be simple, even more so than the one with Red Fox, so you shouldn't have much difficulty killing him. His attacks, in fact, are basic and easy to predict and/or avoid, so with a minimum of attention and timing you will succeed in your undertaking.

Since this is a humanoid boss, as usual, the best strategy to adopt is to parry and/or dodge his attacks and try to get behind him to hit him from that position. In fact, as usual, hitting Black Cat from behind him will cause him to inflict a large amount of damage which will make the match end in less time, as well as keeping you safer from his attacks. Furthermore, by following this strategy, you will be able to stagger him, opening up a larger window for attacks.

In addition to this technique, as we have already mentioned, you can also make use of your parrying skills. In fact, this Lies of P boss's attacks can all be parried and it won't even be that difficult to do so. The only difficulty is learning the timing of his attacks well, but with a little practice and attention, you shouldn't have much difficulty.

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In conclusion, our general advice is to first study Black Cat's moves to understand their timing, in order to pull off perfect saves, and then try to get behind him and hit him from that position. Once defeated, you will receive the Ergo and the Black Cat's Mask as a reward.

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Lies of P Black Cat: How to Beat it
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