Leveling in Final Fantasy XIV

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Leveling in Final Fantasy XIV

Looking to play a pocket Healer? Maybe some of the other DPS look like alot of fun. Or you would really like to sample another flavour of Tank?

Here at ESTNN we'll go through some of the best ways to reach Level 90.

But before that!

Should you still be on your first Job, or switch to another one while ploughing through the Story? You don't have to worry about leveling from 1 to 90 with just the Main Quest Scenario (MSQ), is the intended way for your first Job. Especially with all the buffs and the adjusted Experience Point (EXP) gain, it shouldn't be an issue. Unless you plan to play catch up.

Why Level another Job anyways?

Coming from other MMORPG's, this might be a question some of you will ask. And honestly, mostly because you feel like it. The game won't force you to play multiple Jobs, it is completely reasonable to stick with just one. But it can never hurt to broaden one's horizon. Or at least try and play some of the other Job types. Especially as a Tank or Healer, often it's helpful to know what other Jobs have to deal with to adjust your gameplay.

Dungeons and the Duty Roulette

This is by far, the best way to Level a new Job. Not only will it help you go get comfortable with its inner workings, but you will also get to try out all the shiny new abilities. You will be able to enter the first Dungeon at Level 16. After you can just use the Duty Finder to enter the highest level dungeon available. This will of course take a little longer for DPS to get into, depending on time you play. Also your Data Center. If you busy yourself with Leves and Side Quests while waiting it will still beat many other methods by far. This will also be way faster if you can get a Light Party together to level with.

Then there are the Duty Roulette's. Leveling at Level 16, Trials, Alliance Raids, Main Scenario, 50,60,70 and 80 dungeons at 50 and Normal Raids at 60. With Leveling, Alliance Raids and Main Scenario Roulette being the heavy hitters. Main Scenario Roulette will throw you into one of the two long dungeons with unskippable cutscenes from the end of A Realm Reborn. But for the 30 to 50 minute time investment, you will get a big chunk of EXP.

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Palace of the Dead and Heaven on High

Then there are the Deep Dungeons. Fun, randomly generated dungeons meant for grinding and one of Final Fantasy XIV's biggest solo challenges. Its the preferred way for many, to level their DPS. Since waiting times for matched Parties are usually shorter than waiting to get into a dungeon. Finishing these will give you a flat number of EXP upon completion, depending on your level. The Palace of the Dead, is usually preferred to run floor 51-60 over and over again for maximum efficiency. For Heaven on High it's floor 21-30. For both of them, you'll have to reach the recommended floors at least once, before you'll able to grind them.
After unlocking it, The Palace of the Dead is recommended for the 1-61 Level range while Heaven on High will only last you till you hit Level 70. Afterwards it's just diminishing returns.

Leves and FATEs

Leves are repeatable Side Quests that can be undertook by a party. While they are mostly a relict of the past these days, they are still a more than viable action to get some extra EXP. Some have gear rewards and they are still a nice source of income. Especially the heavy hitting large scale Leves from Heavensward can still offer a nice booth to fill up your Experience bar. Even if they are only viable from Level 50 – 70. Leves will however play a big role in leveling your crafters and gatherers.

FATEs on the other hand, are World Quests that pop up in every non city zone. These will range from kill X number of Enemies, to special World Bosses that only spawn under certain conditions. Especially in the late stage of leveling, namely the 70-90 range they are great. You get a flat number of experience points, and should manage to get a party together. This method can be even faster than spamming dungeons. There are also some rewards and a special currency tied to them, if you commit to the grind so look them up in the Party Finder. The Bozja content is also great for farming these, it tends to be a very active to this day.

Side Quests

Yellow Quests, Blue Quests. People tend to ignore them, but they are still a viable and good way to level. Especially since Shadowbringers' and Endwalker's Side Quests will adjust your reward to your current level. While the Blue Quests will usually end up unlocking something, especially in the early levels. The extra EXP from clearing an optional Dungeon for the first time is nothing to scoff at.

Yellow Quests will offer, in addition to EXP, small Gil rewards and equipment. Sometimes even an Emote, a minion or even additional content. Most of their worth comes however from the stories they tell. Some of them are surprisingly well written and hold some real gems. Like helping a prophet spreading the word of a great serpent. Learning about the various people you brush elbows with. Or the Post Moogle quest. Just do that one, trust me. Here you can find everything about it. Do it.

But how to go about it?

This should sum up all the major ways to level in FFXIV. But how do you actually do it? Unless you want to commit an afternoon or entire day to leveling a single Job, most people will just do their Daily Roulettes and slowly chip away at it. That should bring things along apace, and it will only slow down by the time you hit the 80 to 90 range. For the sake of your sanity however, we recommend a healthy mix of all the methods listed above. Sometimes the most efficient way, is not really worth having to stare at Palace of Dead's dreadful hallways all day. And some of the less efficient methods might be worth other rewards. So have a go at them anyways!

For more Guides and News all around Final Fantasy XIV, stay tuned to ESTNN!

Leveling in Final Fantasy XIV
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