Lethal Company Version 45 Update Brings New Monsters, Items

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Lethal Company Version 45 Update Brings New Monsters, Items

The first content update after the game’s release, Lethal Company Version 45 Update arrives with new monsters and items.

Indie game developer Zeekers has been hard at work to prepare for the first content update for the overnight smash-hit Steam title Lethal Company. According to Steam charts, the game recorded a peak player count of 239,369 concurrent players.

Lethal Company Version 45 Update – All the Content

The new update adds a list of collectable scrap items – Chemistry Flasks, Masks, and Spray Paint. Players can use the spray paint can to mark places, exits, territories, dead ends and a lot more.

The update adds wrapped gift boxes indoors. The giftboxes contain some lot and while you’re near a box, pick it up and then press [LMB] to open them. Opening the boxes will drop all of their contents on the floor.

Signal Translator is located at the main terminal and allows the player to send a 9 character limit message to all the players in the gane. The speed at which the message is transmitted to players is pretty slow, though.

Rail Cheese has been nerfed, and players can no longer hop on rails to avoid monsters, as monsters also now have the ability to hop onto rails.The new update increases the overall Fall damage. A single fall deals 100 damage instead of 20, and 100 damage is all of your health.

“Arachnophobia mode will ease your fear, and I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.” reads the official patch notes text on Steam.The new update adds an Arachnophobia mode that reskins the existing spiders in-game with a huge red Spider text, allowing arachnophobic fans to enjoy the game without fearing spiders.

The following are the spawn rates listed below for the new enemies added in themap, Nutcracker and Masked. Nutcracker is a shotgun wielding addition to the game, and the masked is a type of mimic that once gets in touch with the teammate, wears the same suit as your team and tries to kill every single member until he is put down.

The Masked turns everyone into masks and a group of them will roam the corridors. Just don’t allow him to get near you and grab you. The Masked spawns with an orange suit, but turns into the color of the suit your teammate or you were wearing once it kills and mimics them. Titan takes the cake of being the hardest moon to play on, but you have the shotty to steal from the Nutcracker now if you’re going vanilla. Gone are the days of relying on the shotgun mod to take down hordes of monsters in Lethal Company. 

New Enemy Spawn Rates Per Map

Nutcracker: 1
Masked: 0

Nutcracker: 1
Masked: 0

Nutcracker: 0
Masked: 0

Nutracker: 2
Masked: 0

Nutcracker: 3
Masked: 0

Nutcracker: 100
Masked: 25

Nutcracker: 60
Masked: 0

Nutcracker: 71
Masked: 32

Lethal Company Version 45 Update Release Date and Time

The Version 45 update for Lethal Company launched for players across all servers on Saturday December 9, 2023. The game also adds a support to incorporate custom keybinds, for those who find the default key controls difficult to play with. Players like me, are happy because the indie game developer, Zeekers, being a one man army is listening to the community after the overnight popularity of his goofy horror game.

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