Lethal Company Nutcracker: How To Survive Against It

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Lethal Company Nutcracker: How To Survive Against It

With the new Update 45 in Lethal Company came new items and of course, a new creature which is the Nutcracker, so, here is how to survive against it

Lethal Company is a trendy co-op survival indie horror game that was published on October 24, 2023, by the developer, Zeekeerss which is currently in early access. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic and retrofuturistic dystopian world where a corporate organization named the “Company” hires players to explore abandoned and industrialized moons to collect scraps for sale and meet a profit quota every 3 days. During these exploration adventures on the moons, players have to face many dangerous creatures, which range from entirely harmless, almost comical creatures to instant one-hit killers. 

One such dangerous creature that can be found inside the facility on the different moons is the Nutcracker. It is one of the most terrifying creatures that can be found in the game and when you encounter it, you need to pretty much play a game of hide and seek or kill it. In that case, what exactly is this dangerous creature and how do you even escape it? Keep reading to learn everything you need about the Nutcracker in Lethal Company and how to survive against it. 

Nutcracker in Lethal Company 

Lethal Company Nutcracker: How To Survive Against It
Credit: Lethal Company Fandom Wiki

The Nutcracker is a deadly monster in Lethal Company that can be found patrolling the halls inside the facility on a moon. It mostly spawns in the high-tier moons in the game, with its favorite one to spawn in being Rend with a rarity level of 100 for it, the first moon in the Hard or 3rd Tier of moons. This is because it is a terrifying creature with a percentage of 90% on Sigurd’s danger level. 

The creature looks like a typical Nutcracker soldier figure but is more horrifying because it only has one eye. It carries a double-barrelled shotgun with it and it kills players using it whenever he finds them or kicks them to death if they get too close to him. However, when the creature is killed, it drops the double-barrelled shotgun along with however many shells it had left alongside 2 extra ones. Players can pick the weapon up and use it against other killable creatures to annihilate them with one shot. They can also easily get more shotgun shells by killing more Nutcrackers and collecting their shells. 

Here are some other details about the creature: 

  • HP: 5 (shovel hits)
  • Stun Time Multiplier: 0.75
  • Zap Gun Maintenance Multiplier: 1.3 
  • Door Opening Speed Multiplier: 2
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Initially, it comes off as a passive creature that you can sidestep and move on with your exploration journey but it is absolutely not. This creature has different phases it goes through when spotted by players inside the facility, which are: Patrolling, Scanning and Attacking. All 3 of the states that the Nutcracker goes through are explained below: 

Patrolling State

When in its patrolling state, the Nutcracker walks around the facility and roams the hallways without paying any attention to sounds. However, every 6 to 15 seconds and inspects its surroundings based on the conditions that 4 seconds have passed since its last inspection and the nearest player to it is within 27 units, i.e. optimal shotgun shooting range. If the conditions are met, it advances to the next state. 

Scanning State

When it advances to the scanning state, the Nutcracker stops dead in its tracks and opens up its headpiece, revealing a singular eye. Using that eye, the creature scans its surroundings using a 360-degree angle and checks whether a player is moving nearby or not. If a player is found to be moving or performing any action, the creature advances to its final state. 

Attacking State

The final state that the Nutcracker goes into is the attacking state in which it spots scanning and gives an audio cue in the sound of a bell ringing to signify it has found a target. Then, it will start whistling and pursue the targeted player until it kills the player or the line of sight has been broken for 8 to 12 seconds. After that, it will perform a scan of its surroundings one last time before reverting to its passive state of patrolling the facility. 

How to Survive against the Nutcracker in Lethal Company

Lethal Company Nutcracker: How To Survive Against It
Credit: @Exxo on YouTube

No matter how deadly the creature is, it is a creature that can be escaped. It is also killable but it takes great timing, coordination and skill to pull that off. There are two ways to survive against it and they are to run and hide until you can escape the area or kill it. To escape the creature, you have to run for your life and keep running until you find a place to hide where you can break the line of sight with the creature for 8 to 12 seconds and wait till it goes back to patrolling. The other way is to kill it by taking it to a suitable place. 

Hence, here is how to survive against the Nutcracker in Lethal Company using both ways given step by step below: 

  • Step 1: As soon as you spot the Nutcracker in your vicinity performing a scan, become motionless and cease all action immediately.

  • Step 2: If you are spotted by the creature and you hear the audio cue that it has targeted you, scope out your surroundings as quickly as possible and run to the nearest place with areas that can help you block its shotgun shots or break the line of sight.

  • Step 3: Here, you can either choose to hide yourself completely and wait for the creature to leave or kill it. If you choose to kill it, then hide behind a wall or large object and wait for it to shoot.

  • Step 4: Once it shoots, go in with your shovel and hit it quickly before darting back behind your cover of choice and wait for it to shoot toward you again.

  • Step 5: Keep repeating step 4 until you hit the creature 5 times, upon which it will stop and start bleeding from its eyeball before falling backward on the ground.

With that, you know both ways on how to survive against the Nutcracker. It is a very dangerous creature but if you are confident in your movement skills and find a suitable place to fight it, we encourage you to go for it. 

You can also use a stun grenade or zap gun on it and in the time frame where the creature is frozen, go in with your teammates and a shovel to kill it within 4 to 5 hits. One thing to note is that if you plan on retrieving the shotgun from the creature’s dead body, make sure that when you kill it the Nutcracker’s body does not fall backward inside a wall. This will make it impossible for you to get the shotgun so be cautious when hitting it. 


Needless to say, the Nutcracker might look like a regular patrol guard who you can easily sidestep and leave but it is actually a deadly creature who is waiting to attack by patrolling you and can kill you in the blink of an eye with its lethal shotgun. Hence, make sure to read up on all the information given above about this creature and escape or kill this guard to continue your exploration journey on the moon safely. Make sure to check out our all creatures' spawn rates in Lethal Company guide for information on all the spawn rates of each moon in the game and stay tuned for more such Lethal Company content in the future!

Lethal Company Nutcracker: How To Survive Against It
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