Lethal Company Hygrodere Slime: How To Escape And Lure It

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Lethal Company Hygrodere Slime: How To Escape And Lure It

There are many peculiar creatures in Lethal Company and the Hygrodere or Slime is one of them. Hence, here is how to escape it and lure it properly

Lethal Company is a popular co-op survival horror indie game that was published on October 24, 2023, by the developer, Zeekeerss and it is currently in early access. The game is set in a retrofuturistic and post-apocalyptic dystopian world. An anonymous corporate organization named the “Company” hires players on a contract to explore abandoned and industrialized moons to collect scraps for sale and meet a profit quota every 3 days. During these exploration journeys on the moons, players have to face many lethal creatures, which range from entirely harmless, very peculiar creatures to instant one-hit killers. 

One such peculiar but deadly creature that can be found only inside the facility on the different moons is the Hygrodere, more commonly known as, Slime. It is one of the most strange and dangerous creatures that can be found in the game and when you encounter it, you need to pretty much ignore and escape it or lure it away to collect scrap safely. In that case, what exactly is this weird-looking creature and how do you even lure it away? Keep reading to learn everything you need about the Hygrodere or Slime in Lethal Company and how to lure it away without dying in the process.

Hygrodere Slime in Lethal Company

Lethal Company Hygrodere Slime: How To Escape And Lure It
Credit: @Spitfiregames on YouTube

The Hygrodere or Slime is a weird-looking monster in Lethal Company that can be found gliding across the halls inside the facility on a moon. It mostly spawns in the Intermediate or above tier moons in the game, with its favorite one to spawn in being Dine with a rarity level of 39 for it, the second moon in the Intermediate or 2nd Tier of moons. This is because it is a deadly creature if you’re unaware of what it is, so it has a percentage of 0% on Sigurd’s danger level especially if you’re faster than a snail. 

Here are some other details about the creature: 

  • HP/Health: Invincible/ Cannot be killed
  • Stun Time Multiplier: Cannot be killed
  • Zap Gun Maintenance Multiplier: Cannot be zapped
  • Door Opening Speed Multiplier: Cannot open doors

The creature looks like a large blob of slime that is green in color with blue reflecting on it sometimes. It moves at an insanely slow speed, being attracted by all sorts of sounds in the facility. It is attracted to the sounds of Air Horns, Clown Horns, Boombox and even player’s footsteps. Their sole purpose is gliding around the facility and looking for the nearest player to trap inside and kill slowly within a few hits. They also like to hang around the base of stairs and right outside doors to block player’s paths, including the Main Entrance. 

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As it is a large viscous matter, it takes up a lot of space, making it hard for players to jump over it or oftentimes get cornered, turning quickly into a deadly situation. This is especially a problem when players are getting chased by some other monster and this green blob just decides to block their path. They cannot open doors by themselves, which is pretty obvious as they don’t have hands but they can slip through and block the entryway if the door is open. One unique thing about the peculiar blue-green blob is that when it spots a player, it will always know their location and pursue them continually. 

This is why the question arises, how do you escape it and lure it away? Keep on reading to find out how.

How to Escape and Lure Away the Hygrodere Slime in Lethal Company

Lethal Company Hygrodere Slime: How To Escape And Lure It
Credit: @happygiggi4948 on YouTube

As the vicious green blob is an extremely slow creature, it is easy to escape it anywhere inside the facility. However, luring it away to a place where it can be locked inside can take lots of patience, great timing and movement skills. Escaping it only takes a few mere seconds, as all you really have to do is jump over it and be on your way. On the other hand, luring it away is a time-consuming process that takes a few items like the Boombox. 

Hence, without further ado, here is how to escape the Hygrodere or Slime in Lethal Company given step by step below: 

  • Step 1: As soon as you hear the bubbling sounds or spot the weird green blob in your vicinity, get ready to make a jump over it if there’s enough space or get on a railing.

  • Step 2: Once the creature has moved away enough for you to jump over it, make the jump from the railing or wherever you were standing, then walk away until it very slowly finds you again. 

As for luring away the Hygrodere or Slime, here is how to do that without dying yourself in the process of doing so: 

  • Step 1: As soon as you spot the deadly green blob, get yourself an Air Horn, Clown Horn or Boombox. The creature is attracted to the sounds made by the horn but the Boombox is what makes it go crazy and start moving very fast.

  • Step 2: Once you acquire all of the tools, you need to find a dead end with a door that can keep the creature inside it.

  • Step 3: After finding the room, you can choose to either put the Boombox inside and turn it on to lure the creature inside or carry it on your shoulder and bring it inside, as that is a faster process. You can also sound one of the horns, but that is an extremely slow process.

  • Step 4: However, after getting the green blob inside the room, loop around it or jump over it to get out of the room and make sure to lock the door behind you. 

With that, you’re done successfully luring and locking away the Hygrodere or Slime. It is advisable to use a Boombox on your shoulder to do the luring because not only is it fast, but it is also a very fun process to go through. However, be careful to walk backward cautiously and have someone monitoring you at all times because you never know when the Flowerman or Coil Head will pop up behind you. Also, keep a safe distance away from the green blob because it is very easy to get caught up in its viscous slimy body. 


Needless to say, the Hygrodere or Slime might look like a harmless green blob from afar that you can easily jump over and get away from, but it is in reality a deadly creature who is targeting you and wants to trap you. Hence, make sure to read up on all the information given above about this creature and escape or lure this blob away to continue your scrap collection journey inside the facility on the moon safely. Make sure to check out our all creatures' spawn rates in Lethal Company guide for information on all the spawn rates of monsters on each moon in the game and stay tuned for more such Lethal Company content in the future!


Lethal Company Hygrodere Slime: How To Escape And Lure It
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