Lethal Company Flower Man: How to Kill Him

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Lethal Company Flower Man: How to Kill Him

One of the scariest enemies in the game is definitely the Lethal Company Flower Man. Don't be fooled by his name, as this human-plant hybrid is capable of killing you immediately. For this reason, it is very important to know what to do if you are chased by this creature so that you can escape (or kill it if you are brave). So, in this article, we will explain everything you need to know about the Lethal Company Flower Man monster and how to deal with it.

How to kill the Lethal Company Flower Man monster

The first thing to know is that, fortunately, this creature is only present inside buildings and cannot leave them for any reason. This means that whenever you are outside, you won't have to worry about this creature, even if there will be other monsters hunting you, such as the Forest Keeper and the Earth Leviathan. So, in case you are chased by the Lethal Company Flower Man, the simplest thing to do is to try to exit the building to “stay calm.”

The thing that can make everything even more difficult is the fact that this creature will not attack you immediately but will first start following you, obviously trying not to be discovered. Consequently, the first thing you should pay attention to are noises. In fact, given its size, it is not a very silent monster and it is therefore important that you listen to all the noises it will create so that you can understand where it is. Don't worry about not recognizing the noise, as it will be very similar to that of the wind moving leaves, but being inside a building, it is impossible for it to be real leaves.

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If you find yourself in front of him, it is very important that you do not look him in the eyes, otherwise he will attack you immediately and it will be certain death. The best thing to do in this case is to follow it carefully, which will not cause the enemy to attack you and will give you the opportunity to prepare to escape if he decides to do so. Obviously, your goal is to exit the building in such a way as to end the chase immediately.

Finally, the bravest will be happy to know that the Lethal Company Flower Man can actually be killed, although it won't be that easy. Obviously, to succeed in this attempt, you will need to have the right tools and you will certainly need to be in company. Facing this creature alone is a real suicide, so don't even try it. So, one of the players will have to hit the Flower Man with a shovel, while the others will have to use Zap Guns or Stun Grenades. This way, you will be able to kill the enemy with a couple of shots.

Lethal Company Flower Man

Lethal Company Flower Man: How to Kill Him
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