Lego Launches Animal Crossing Set with Tom Nook and Isabelle

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Lego Launches Animal Crossing Set with Tom Nook and Isabelle

Nintendo announces Lego Animal Crossing collaboration. Tom Nook, Isabelle, Bunnie, Rosie, Marshal in new trailer.

Lego Launches Animal Crossing Set with Tom Nook and Isabelle
From left to right: Rosie, Bunnie, Marshal, Kapp’n, Fauna, Julian, Isabelle, Tom Nook in the new teaser trailer for Lego Animal Crossing Image source: Lego Animal Crossing teaser trailer on Nintendo of UK X account on

Nintendo announced a collaboration between Animal Crossing and Lego on October 5 on their Nintendo of UK X Account. The tweet was accompanied by a teaser trailer that showed Animal Crossing characters Tom Nook, Isabelle, Bunnie, Marshall, Kapp’n, Julian, and Fauna waving at a Lego present floating away.

Lego joins forces with Nintendo: Lego Animal Crossing

Previously Nintendo joined hands with Lego to launch the Lego Super Mario set in 2020. The set included an interactive Mario figurine and Lego for grasslands, Bowser Castle, and deserts. The goal was for players to recreate Mario levels using the set contents. However, many Mario fans were disappointed by the set as Mario was just a mini collectible and not a playable figurine. The Animal Crossing Legos are designed to be playable. The internet has been quite excited to collect the new Animal Crossing Lego set after launch.
Lego Animal Crossing release date

The Lego Animal Crossing set is expected to release around March 2024. Get your bank accounts ready and prepare your shopping list. There is speculation online that all Animal Crossing characters won’t be included in the same set. You may need to buy all available sets to complete your Animal Crossing Lego collection.

If Lego Leakers are to be believed, there will be five sets in the initial release. The eight characters revealed in the teaser will be divided into separate sets. Nothing official has been confirmed yet about the distribution of the characters among the sets. So that’s something to look forward to while waiting for the official launch.

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Animal Crossing Lego set pricing

According to the Lego Leakers tweet in August 2023, the Animal Crossing themed Lego set would have the following number of pieces and prices:

77046: 170 pieces – $14.99
77047: 164 pieces – $19.99
77048: 233 pieces – $29.99
77049: 389 pieces – $39.99
77050: 535 pieces – $74.99

There has been no official announcement regarding the price or exact release date of the Animal Crossing Lego. However, according to various online sources, some hunches can be made. Are you excited to collect all Animal Crossing characters and complete your Lego set? Look forward to news on the Nintendo Lego collaboration and treat yourself to some Animal Crossing themed joy.

Lego Launches Animal Crossing Set with Tom Nook and Isabelle
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