Lego Fortnite Balloons: How to Use and Create Them

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Lego Fortnite Balloons: How to Use and Create Them

Lego Fortnite gives you the opportunity to use dynamic objects as you continue with your adventure, which will be very useful to make your life easier. This is the case, for example, of Lego Fortnite balloons which will certainly prove to be very useful as a means of transport to cover long distances. This is an object that certainly cannot be missing from your inventory if you intend to build flying vehicles, so, for this reason, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

How to Use and Create Lego Fortnite Balloons

Let's start by saying that, obviously, as you can imagine, and as we have already mentioned, the Lego Fortnite balloons will be used to make flying objects. So, what you will have to do is nothing more than attach them to an object that you intend to make flying. Obviously, you have to take into account the weight of the object, so you will have to add enough balloons so that they are able to lift the object in question.

However, there is a constraint to all this. In fact, if it is not a dynamic object, it will not fly, even if you have attached more balloons to it than necessary. To make a non-dynamic object fly, you will need to place it on top of another surface. Once this is done, attach the balloon to it and destroy the surface on which this object is located to make it fly up.

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In case you want to stop a certain object from flying, you will have the possibility to destroy the balloons or you can build structures. Keep in mind, however, that if you opt for the first option, you will not receive any type of material back, so consider carefully how to proceed. Now that you know the general functioning of Lego Fortnite balloons, the time has come to say a few words regarding their creation.

The first thing to know is that to be able to create Lego Fortnite balloons, you will have to unlock the Silk Fabric in your inventory, without it, in fact, you will not be able to proceed with their creation. To make Silk Fabrics, first, make a Loom. Then, use five Silk threads on the Loom to create Silk Fabric. Get Silk Threads by putting one Silk in a Spinning Wheel, which you can get from spiders.

Once you have unlocked it, you will have the possibility to create two different types of balloons that differ in size, namely Small and Large. For the former, you will need 1x Silk Fabric, 1x Cord, and 1x Torch; for the latter, however, you will need 2x Silk Fabric, 1x Cord, and 1x Torch. Both types of balloons work the same way, except that larger balloons can carry more weight.

Lego Fortnite Balloons

Lego Fortnite Balloons: How to Use and Create Them
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