How to Unlock Lego Fortnite Dynamic Foundation

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How to Unlock Lego Fortnite Dynamic Foundation

In Lego Fortnite, you will have the opportunity to build different things that can be more or less useful during your adventure. Speaking of which, as soon as you have the chance to unlock the Lego Fortnite dynamic foundation, things will get even more interesting. In fact, thanks to it, you will be able to build objects such as balloons and wheels. In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about it so that it takes as little time as possible to unlock this possibility.

What Are Lego Fortnite Dynamic Foundation and Wooden Crates?

The Dynamic Foundation and Wooden Crates are like the superheroes of our creation world. They help us build amazing things! The Dynamic Foundation is like a magical base that lets us connect all sorts of cool stuff, like Wheels, Balloons, Activation Switches, and Thrusters. It's like the heart of our creations, especially when we want to make awesome stuff like cars, airplanes, and monorails.

And then we have the Wooden Crates—they're like the strong and handy sidekicks. You can use them just like the Dynamic Foundation, attaching things and building cool stuff. But here's the extra fun part: you can also pick up the Wooden Crates and move them wherever you want! It's like having your own movable building blocks.

How to Unlock and Craft Dynamic Foundation and Wooden Crates

To bring the Dynamic Foundation and Wooden Crate into your “Build” menu, you gotta go on a little adventure to the Drylands, a sandy place in the game. There, you'll find two special ingredients: Flexwood and Copper. These are like the secret recipes for our superhero-building tools.

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But wait, you can't just pick them up with any old tool; you need Rare level tools—think of them as superhero tools with extra powers. To make these Rare level tools, you will need some special stuff. For the Rare Forest Axe, you need 5x Cut Amber and 3x Knotroot Rod; for the Rare Pickaxe, you need 3x Flexwood Rod and 3x Sand Claw.

Once you gather these materials, it's crafting time! Open your “Build” menu, go to “Toys,” and select the Rare Forest Axe and Rare Pickaxe. Find a nice, flat spot, like the ground or inside a building, and start crafting these superhero tools. Now that you have your Rare tools, you can finally make the Dynamic Foundation and Wooden Crate. For the Dynamic Foundation, you need 4x Flexwood, and for the Wooden Crate, you need 2x Copper Bars and 6x Flexwood.

Lego Fortnite Dynamic Foundation

How to Unlock Lego Fortnite Dynamic Foundation
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