G2 v Misfits LEC Summer Split 2022 Playoffs

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G2 v Misfits LEC Summer Split 2022 Playoffs

The first weekend of the LEC Summer Split 2022 playoffs as G2 v Misfits gets us underway on Day 2.

With spots at worlds on the table, playoffs meant everything for those involved. With Rogue v MAD Lions the first series of the weekend, could G2 v Misfits follow it up?

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G2 v Misfits – Game 1

In the first game of the series, would G2 continue their fine form, or could MSF shock G2 and throw them into the losers bracket? It was all G2 in the early to mid-game, forging ahead with a monster 5k lead before 20-minutes were on the clock. The trend continued as MSF looked like they'd been caught cold by the rampaging G2 in Game One. In the end, G2 never looked like taking their foot off the accelerator as they brushed MSF aside. MSF needs to get a grip in Game 2 or G2 will be heading to Malmö.

G2 v Misfits – Game 2

After a dominant Game One, G2 wanted to get a hold of this series in game two. As for MSF, it was key that they got ahead early and shut down the G2 3-0. It's exactly what MSF got, with a 4k lead by the 14-minute mark. In a bit of a mirror of Game One, it was MSF this time who dominated the game. Like G2 before them, MSF took an early lead and then never really let go. If anything, MSF were even more dominant in Game 2 than G2 were in Game One. MSF swept G2 aside and we have a series on our hands.

G2 v Misfits – Game 3

1-1 heading into Game 3, the series is well and truly on. MSF continued where they left off in Game 2, getting the early read of G2 as they secured the early lead. The game slowed into the mid-game, however, with G2 able to close the gap. By the 20-minute mark, the lead was neutral, as neither team had a sizable lead. G2 remained on the front foot as they started to eke out a small lead. The Baron was the next major moment and it was G2 once again that found a way to secure the objective. The game hung in the balance on the second Baron and Soul Drake. MSF claimed the Baron but G2 baited them at the Soul and they claimed a second game in the series.

G2 v Misfits – Game 4

G2 just needed the one game at their spot at Malmö was secured. G2 looked solid in the early game, taking control of the opening exchanges. With fewer than 20-minutes on the clock, G2 found themselves knocking at the door of the MSF inhibitor towers. MSF fought to push them away but handed over 3 kills to G2. G2 maintained the push, pinning MSF back as they moved to an 8k lead. G2 did keep it together and secure an important win as they secured their spot at the Malmö finals in two weeks' time. For MSF, they'd need to come back fighting next week as they now go through the Lower Bracket.

G2 v Misfits LEC Summer Split 2022 Playoffs
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