LEC Summer Split 2022 Playoffs – Rogue v Mad Lions

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LEC Summer Split 2022 Playoffs – Rogue v Mad Lions

The first weekend of the LEC Summer Split 2022 playoffs as Rogue v MAD Lions is here.

With spots at worlds on the table, playoffs meant everything for those involved. With Rogue v MAD Lions the series to get us on the way, we're in for an early treat.

LEC Playoffs Power Rankings

Rogue v MAD Lions – Game 1

A huge fixture in the LEC for the past two years, it's a special playoff when you get this series first. RGE came in as slight favorites over MAD but they'll know not to underestimate MAD. A tight early game, saw MAD squeeze out a small lead heading into the mid game period. They compounded that lead into the late game as RGE looked out of ways to deal with MAD. Some amazing late game play from Comp on Zeri delayed the game way longer than it had any right to be. MAD held it together and secured the win. Back to the drawing board for RGE as they need to get back into this series.

Rogue v MAD Lions – Game 2

After game one, RGE needed to head into this one with a much clearer focus. They wouldn't have Zeri this time, but could they tame the Lions? It certainly started well for RGE, claiming a small lead in the early game. The gold stayed tight as the game moved into the latter stages. Despite how close it was, however, RGE always looked like that had a slight edge on the game. Once they secured the Soul, it looked all but over. From that point, they snowballed, and a great late Penta from Comp secured the game RGE.

Rogue v MAD Lions – Game 3

Heading into game three saw both sides look to swing the series back in their favor. The game itself started perfectly for MAD, who build up a strong early to mid game lead. MAD never really let go of their hold into the late game as RGE looked rattled despite claiming a win in Game 2. The trend continued and MAD claimed a massive win in the series, bringing it to 2-1 in the series. A massive bounce back for MAD after losing game 2 as they pile the pressure back onto RGE.


Rogue v MAD Lions – Game 4

Momentum was fully on the side of MAD heading into what could be the last game in the series. RGE needed to bring their A-game in back-to-back games if they wanted to progress. It started ok for MAD but it was RGE that came alive in the mid game. By the 20-minute mark, they'd forged ahead with a 5k lead as MAD were put on the back foot. RGE continued to push ahead towards the end and it was too much for MAD to handle. The win for RGE sent us into a fifth and final game to decide this epic series.

Rogue v MAD Lions – Game 5

All or nothing for both sides in the fifth and final game of the series. The dream start for RGE, claiming four early kills. One of the closes games thus far in the series, neither side was willing to give an inch. By the mid game, however, despite being behind, MAD had a huge opportunity to claw back some gold and they took it. By the 25-minute mark RGE had 3 of the four Drakes which looked like a major win condition. With MAD looking back in the driving seat, RGE pulled off a clutch Baron. Despite losing multiple members, it stops MAD from claiming it as RGE came back. MAD had looked ahead across this series, despite losing two games but in the final moments of game five RGE came alive. RGE forced a fight and locked themselves a place at Malmö for the LEC finals. The win means RGE finally beat MAD in a Bo5.


LEC Summer Split 2022 Playoffs – Rogue v Mad Lions
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