LEC Legend Rekkles Announces Role-Swap To Support, Parts Ways With Fnatic Ahead of the Summer Split

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LEC Legend Rekkles Announces Role-Swap To Support, Parts Ways With Fnatic Ahead of the Summer Split

One of Europe’s most decorated ADCs will have a different role and a different team for the LEC 2023 Summer Split.

The 2023 LEC Season has been nothing short of disappointing for Fnatic so far. After missing the playoffs for the first time in the organization’s history in the Winter Split, Fnatic barely made it to the postseason for Spring. Despite showing some improvement for the Bo3 stage, the team eventually fell short once again and got eliminated after losing both their series against Astralis and MAD Lions.

Almost every player on the roster did not escape criticism from the fans for the lack of success, which Fnatic fans are accustomed to. Long-time bot laner for the team, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, also got his fair share, with a clip of a failed play from him in the elimination game against MAD Lions making the rounds online. Still, with the team seemingly improving from Winter to Spring and the mood looking good in the behind-the-scenes content, not a lot of fans expected drastic changes.

So it came in as a massive surprise when Rekkles shared a video on his personal Twitter today, announcing he is role-swapping to support. Rekkles is one of the longest-tenured European players still playing in the LEC. Although he is known for his ability to play supportive champions like Senna or Janna, Rekkles only played AD Carry professionally during his nearly twelve-year career.

In his video, Rekkles said despite believing himself as a capable ADC, he had the feeling that he has been treading water playing the role and not seeing a lot of improvement compared to his past peaks. “I’ve done it for twelve years and I’m stuck in the same place. So I think the best course of action is to revamp myself, to try something new. And I really believe that I am able to pull this off,” he added.

The biggest question in the minds of nearly everyone seeing the news was the future of Rekkles in Fnatic, as the organization just promoted their Academy support Henk “Advienne” Reijenga for the Spring. Wait wasn’t too long as Fnatic put out their own statement saying although they are supporting him in the decision as much as possible, the mutual agreement was to part ways. As such Rekkles won’t be on Fnatic’s roster for the LEC 2023 Spring Split and the organization will be looking for a replacement ADC.

Luckily for him and the org, the break between Spring and Summer is long due to MSI 2023. Fnatic has an Academy team competing in teh Spanish ERL, Fnatic TQ, and the ADC Louis “BEAN” Schmitz has experience playing with their current support Advienne and also previously subbed in for the team during Worlds 2021. The org can also look for free agents or go for a buyout as teams are allowed to explore more options during this break compared to after Winter.

Rekkles’ options on the other hand are a lot more limited. Not a lot of teams are currently searching for a support player in the LEC, especially not top teams. Although it helps that Rekkles was already rumored to be thinking about a swap, it was also reported MAD Lions were interested in signing him as a support before the Winter Split. While the veteran player’s future is still uncertain, he promised more information in the upcoming days about what his plans are.

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LEC Legend Rekkles Announces Role-Swap To Support, Parts Ways With Fnatic Ahead of the Summer Split
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