LEC Finals Preview: G2 Esports vs Origen

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LEC Finals Preview: G2 Esports vs Origen

Origen has a chance at their first title in the organization's history, and look to beat G2 in their rematch. G2 will be favorites as they have already taken Origen down in a series. Caps and Perkz are members that will want to regain the crown and prove that G2 is one of the best teams in the west. Origen demolished the fan-favorite Fnatic in a pretty one-sided series. They will have the support of many fans, but with only one day to prepare, it will be difficult to be seen as favorites over G2.




Top Lane: Alphari

Jungle: Kold

Mid Lane: NukeDuck

ADC: Patrik

Support: Mithy

Coach: Guilhoto

Origen had to play on Saturday against an impressive Fnatic side, and it seemed to be a difficult series for either team, with many favoring Fnatic after an impressive playoff run up to that point. When the series started, we were excited to see a potential full five-game series. It was clear, however, that Origen had come into the series much more prepared and proved to be the deserving team of reaching finals.

It feels that Origen will be going into this series as heavy underdogs due to their 1-4 record against G2 during this split. Still, Origen matchup pretty evenly throughout the map, especially if all players are bringing their best. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what roles can be the key factors to win this series for Origen.

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It is clear that Origen needs to play through the strength in the solo lanes to have a great chance to win. Patrik and Mithy also proved themselves when they faced Rekkles and Hyli. If the Origen bot lane can have a similar performance against G2, then Kold can have a new area to attack in the map. Many eyes will be on the NukeDuck versus Caps matchup and can provide some memorable moments.

G2 Esports



Top Lane: Wunder

Jungle: Jankos

Mid Lane: Caps

ADC: Perkz

Support: Mikyx

Coach: Grabbz

G2 defeated Origen 3-0 in their previous appearance and have had a full week of preparations. They are in the final as the heavy favorites to represent the LEC in the Mid-Seasonal Invitational. Caps won the MVP award and will be looking to pair that with a title. Jankos is known for choking numerous times, but with a star-studded lineup will want to win and prove that he can also be successful.

Perkz wants to win his first domestic title as an AD carry, and with the help of his new teammates, it seems probable that this will be the case. G2 have some of the best talents across of all their roles, making it seem improbable that they will lose this series. The Origen we team saw, in the OG vs. FNC semifinal, is not the same one from the previous series. This will be a new challenge for G2, but one has to feel confident going into the series.

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The victor of this series will represent Europe in MSI. They will face Team Liquid (NA), SKT (LCK), INTZ (CBLoL), Phong Vu Buffalo (VCS), Bombers (OPL), 1907 Fenerbahçe (TCL), and Detonation FocusMe (LJL) as the determined teams so far. The LEC auto qualifies to the main stage of the tournament due to their impressive World's performance. Last time we saw Origen in an international tournament was when they reached Semifinals in Worlds 2015. G2 is one of the most recent semifinalists and will be looking to put their stamp on another international tournament if they qualify.

Who do you think will represent the LEC in MSI? Let us know via Twitter.

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