League European Championship Series Round 2 Preview: G2 Esports vs Origen

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League European Championship Series Round 2 Preview: G2 Esports vs Origen

Welcome to our League European Championship Series Round 2 Preview! Today, both Origen and G2 will be fighting for a spot in the finals in Rotterdam. These two have shown some incredible promise and with already three weeks having had passed, it will be difficult to judge the strength of both these teams going into the match. G2 are still considered the favorites, but they could certainly drop the series if they continue making the same mistakes we've seen over their past couple of games.

Will Perkz and the G2 army be able to achieve another title? Or will Deficio's revamped Origen be able to stop the G2 train yet again and make their finals appearance in four years? While we can't tell the future, we'll know soon enough; the match is set to start at 11:00 AM ET. Let's get into the preview!



Top Lane: Alphari

Jungle: Kold

Mid Lane: NukeDuck

ADC: Patrik

Support: Mithy

Coach: Guilhoto

How they got here

We have not seen Origen or G2 for the past three weeks, and it is difficult to predict what we will see from both these teams. Origen started the season as one of the more inconsistent teams in the LEC, and after the first three weeks of the split, OG found themselves staring down a  2-4 record. In week five, however, OG dismantled G2 esports and became the first team to do so up to that point. During the remaining four weeks of the split, Origen ended the season with a 6-2 run. They locked down the second-round bye and an achieved an automatic appearance in Rotterdam.

Origen is one of the fan-favorite teams of the LEC, and many people will be cheering on the team when they take on G2 Esports on Saturday. Deficio has been a huge advocate for all the players on this team, and for good reason. Their performance and resilience through their first split showcase that they all have incredible potential. In fact, today could be the day we see it realized.

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Origen has established themselves as a top team with incredible solo lane carries. Alphari and Nukeduck are the key factors in many of the Origen team's wins. When we look down at the bot lane, we see a young ADC in Patrik bolstered by a serious veteran by his side in Mithy. It feels that many of Origen's wins come via the traditional ways of late game team fighting and 1-3-1 compositions, so look for that to continue today.

Nukeduck has a incredibly varied champion pool that allows for Origen to play several different styles of games stemming from the mid lane. Alphari is also a key factor for the team, soaking up pressure and opening avenues of attack on both sides of the map. This gives Kold two lanes that can help him take control of the map and help Patrik transition into the late game.

G2 Esports


Top Lane: Wunder

Jungle: Jankos

Mid Lane: Caps

ADC: Perkz

Support: Mikyx

Coach: Grabbz

How they got here

G2 Esports has been one of the most dominant teams in the LEC and arguably the best overall team this split. G2 had one of the most iconic starts to a split since the famous Fnatic 18-0 run from 2015. Once they dropped their first game to Origen in Week 5, they started to seem a lot shakier. Much of this was due to securing an early first seed, as well as Mikyx being sidelined due to injury.

On the other hand, they dropped four games to end the split. With three weeks of scrims, it is hard to tell if this is something fans should worry about when it comes to their matchup today against Origen. What is clear, however, is that all eyes will be on Caps and Perkz to help carry and make sure that EU's newest super team achieves another title victory.



G2 has been an impressive team that has relied heavily on the mechanical prowess of its players. They may have suffered heavily last year in the domestic department, but with 3/5ths of the team remaining from that roster, there was a lot that G2 could improve on. That said, they have still maintained much of their core foundation, which sets them up perfectly for the future.

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G2 has the possibility to play multiple champions in different roles thanks to the fact that their former mid laner, Perkz, moved down to the bot lane. It is no mystery that each member of G2 (aside from Perkz) made it into the All-Pro team. Jankos has had some issues as of late but should be able to fix them while the rest of the team focuses on the small mistakes that have plagued them these past few weeks. G2 has a variety of ways to play, whether it is taking an early game composition and running away with it or setting themselves for a late-game oriented game and taking advantage of the mistakes the opponent commits.


Caps vs Nukeduck

We have already experienced some amazing matchups between Caps and Nukeduck. If Nukeduck is able to pick another unique matchup against Caps, there is a chance that he can pull off some impressive plays and lead Origen to a victory. Caps seems to be the leading candidate for the MVP ballot and has shown that even when all seems lost, he is capable of carrying and completing the impossible.

One of the problems when it comes to Caps is that sometimes he overreaches. That can cause problems when he is the one that maintains a gold lead for his team, and he'll have to reign that in if Caps and co. have a lead. Jankos also does spend some time helping him get ahead in order to free up Caps to influence the other portions of the map. Nukeduck will have to work with Kold to make sure that they can hold off against the potential onslaught of the G2 Army.


What are your thoughts on the match? Will Fnatic be able to take either of these two teams on when they make it to Rotterdam? Let us know what you think via Twitter.


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