LEC 2023 Summer Split Team Preview: G2 Esports

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LEC 2023 Summer Split Team Preview: G2 Esports

The Kings of Europe return to the LEC for the Summer Split after their deep run in MSI 2023.

The G2 roster enjoyed a spectacular start of the season in a victorious LEC Winter split. Afterwards, the German-led organization didn't feel a need to make changes to their League of Legends roster back in March, trusting that Caps and co. would go the distance this year. And despite them floundering against re-forged teams like Team BDS at the start of Spring, they made it into the top 5 anyway. It's clear that even in their weakest state, G2 Esports still manages to surpass expectations. But will the same star-studded team have it in them to dominate another split in the LEC?  If you're betting on the LEC matches this split, this updated G2 Esports team preview is for you!

G2 Esports Roster for the 2023 Summer Split

  • Top lane: Sergen “BrokenBlade” Çelik
  • Jungle: Martin “Yike” Sundelin
  • Mid lane: Rasmus “Caps” Winther
  • AD Carry: Steven “Hans Sama” Liv
  • Support: Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle

G2's current roster consists of power players that have taken their teams to World Championships in multiple occasions, missing their first go at Worlds back in 2021. BrokenBlade's seasoned leadership is backed by Yike's experience in multiple regions, Caps' legendary status as the best mid-laner in Europe (nicknamed “Baby Faker” by his fans) and Hans Sama's stopping power.

Looking back at their mediocre Spring run, many of their defeats had to do with a lack of teamplay innovation. G2's power famously depends on how often they force mistakes out of their opponent before overwhelming them. Eventually, other teams were able to learn from them sooner than others. KOI and Team BDS rose above almost half of the LEC's best after cracking the code. And after a middling Playoffs stage, Caps and co. landed themselves in 4th place, threatening their title as the strongest team in EMEA. Needless to say, G2 needed to mix up their approach for MSI and the Summer Split.

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G2 Esports at MSI 2023

LEC 2023 Summer Split Credit: Riot Games

Fast-forward to May, at the eve of this year's Mid-Season Invitationals. G2 Esports played their first math against LOUD in a tense best-of-3 series that would solidify the tone of both team's MSI run going forward. Using their best counter-picks, G2 was noticeably more wary of their teamplay, and were more conservatively at first to avoid any chances of a snowball. Afterwards, they took more risks in the mid-game and decimated the CBLoL's #1 seed in 2 consecutive matches, all thanks to Hans Sama's Jinx.

From there, it was a slow climb towards the Upper Bracket stage. After a fast win against PSG Talon, the Kings of Europe were unfortunately set to play against the indomitable Gen.G. The bo5 series wasn't a full sweep thanks to Yike and BrokenBlade's playmaking on Kennen and Poppy, but GEN's superior lane control in the 4th and final game ended the series in a loss, knocking G2 down into the Loser's bracket.

Eventually, LEC rivals clashed on the international stage with MAD fighting G2 Esports. The Lions may have bested Caps and co. during the Spring, but a more seasoned G2 emerged victorious after 2 straight games. With renewed confidence, the Kings of Europe were looking like their old selves again. And following a short but sweet final game against MSI 2023's eventual winners, G2 exited MSI looking better than ever.

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G2 Esports Summer Split 2023 Preview

Despite faltering when they were against the LPL and LCK, G2 Esports found ways to counter the opposition. If they can find better ways to control enemy champs during tower dives, it'll significantly up their odds when they go against other regional powerhouses. Improved positional advantages is also crucial for those high-stakes skirmishes. Given enough practice in scrims, Caps and co. can hone their craft even further to make sure Hans Sama remains untouchable during teamfights.

Presently, G2 should use the experience they've gained from MSI to bolster their capabilities for the Summer. The rising stars from the last split only came within a hair's breadth of taking the number 1 spot from MAD. That said, dark horses like Crownie and Malrang have to stay in G2's radar if they want to recreate their success in Winter. But despite recent difficulties, Mikyx's vision handling and Caps' set-ups has allowed G2 Esports go toe-to-toe with the best in the world. G2 Esports is starting the Summer split with more composure and combat knowledge, and if they don't drop the ball, they should be enough to earn them a spot in Playoffs at the very least.

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LEC 2023 Summer Split Team Preview: G2 Esports
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