Leaks Indicate Potential Fortnite Open World RPG Mode In The Works

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Leaks Indicate Potential Fortnite Open World RPG Mode In The Works

Could an open-world RPG mode be coming to Fortnite?

Epic Games is always looking for ways to expand upon Fortnite and elevate it to another level. We’ve seen the game go from a player-versus-environment (PvE) Save The World mode to perhaps the most iconic Battle Royale mode of all time. Epic then introduced Creative Mode for players to enjoy, paving the way for more exciting possibilities and original concepts. To take it one step further, some details today seem to indicate something mindblowing on the horizon. Based on the response from leakers earlier today, all indications point to a potential open-world role-playing game (RPG) game type in the works.

Image Leak and Ensuing Theories

Notable leakers within the Fortnite scene took note of a Limited-Time Mode in the game files, dubbed “Saturn_Test LTM,” and theories soon followed. HYPEX, a reliable personality, gathered interesting information from the two Saturn LTM teasers. In a tweet responding to the leaks, he wrote, “All of these hint towards the open-world game mode they talked about in the Apple lawsuit but we'll have to wait and see.”

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The image that is currently circulating is intriguing and could lend credence to the theory. It features four of Fortnite’s most recognizable characters—Jonesy, Peely, Fishstick and Cuddle Team Leader. Each of the characters are wielding a variety of weapons, including a staff, sword, spear, shield and bow. These are undoubtedly items that characters in an RPG game like World of Warcraft would carry. However, these are merely rumors and Epic has not addressed them as of posting this article.

However, these are merely theories, and Epic has not addressed them precisely. HYPEX pointed out that Epic Games referenced an “open-world simulation sandbox” in their ongoing antitrust lawsuit against Apple.

We’ll have to wait and see what develops further with these rumors. Hopefully, Epic Games releases an official blog post soon with more information. Stay tuned, and we will keep you updated!

Featured Image: HYPEX 

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