Leaks Indicate Ava As August Fortnite Crew Exclusive

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Leaks Indicate Ava As August Fortnite Crew Exclusive

The next Fortnite Crew exclusive skin may have leaked early.

With July coming to an end soon, that means another set of Fortnite Crew cosmetics is on the horizon. Last month, Epic Games expanded its partnership with Marvel Comics, bringing the supervillain Loki into Battle Royale mode. For the most part, the August Fortnite Crew offerings have remained a mystery, but the leakers are always lurking. It seems that a character known only as Ava could be the next exclusive Crew skin, based on some early reports.

Ava to Join Fortnite Crew?

Fortnite’s first-ever monthly subscription service launched in December of 2020 to a mostly positive reception. We’ve seen several original concepts join the Fortnite roster, with others such as DC Comics’ Green Arrow and Marvel’s Loki also getting in on the action. Recent leaks point toward another unique character named Ava being the next addition in the August release.

HYPEX took to Twitter to provide an update on the next Fortnite Crew release. He keyed in on an encrypted file named “BuffCatFan,” which pointed specifically toward Ava—a character designed by NolloBandz. Since then, the presumed August Crew pack’s wraps have leaked with a similar style to Ava’s appearance.

Epic Games has not officially announced the next Fortnite Crew exclusive. However, these leakers have shown time and time again that they rarely miss. We’ll have to wait for the word from Fortnite’s social channels, but this seems to be a foregone conclusion.

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