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League Of Legends: Top Lane Tier List For Season 10

League of Legends Baron
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Win your lanes and games with these helpful insights about top lane champions

There is an extensive list of champions that can bear the weight of the top lane. Each bringing a different set of skills and advantages or counters. Individual skill and mastery of a champion is preferred over all else. Lately, however, the top lane assignment has evolved into a much more impactful team position.

If you want to win your lane and the game, you’ll need to focus primarily on champions that can hold their own, help with river control, be a global threat, and survive team fights. Whatever your style, hopefully one of these champs will appeal to you and add another weapon to your arsenal.

A tier list for top lane League of Legends champions with S through a rows

Also, this list mainly highlights champions that are actively used, so if your favorite is left out - don’t be discouraged! Keep shaking things up and surprising your foes.

S Tier

An S tier for top lane League of Legends champions with faces of Shen, Jax, Fiora, Camille, Hecarim and Renekton

Champions: Shen, Jax, Fiora, Camille, Hecarim, Renekton

Shen: The defensive, almost counterless champion. His Ultimate is a huge boost to your team, especially late in the game when he can split push and join team fights from anywhere. He’s not the easiest champ to play, but mastering Shen will definitely upgrade your champion pool.

Jax, Fiora, Camille: These champs are fighters that can carry. Take the lead with the help of some jungle ganks and you can walk fearlessly around the map and snowball games single-handedly. You’ll need some support to sustain your aggression, but if your team is willing, you’ll keep winning.

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Hecarim & Renekton: These bruisers can strike fear into your foes. They are tanky and aggressive with a hunger to engage. You’ll have to be ready to make some crucial calls to start fights, but if you can pull it off your team will love you.

A Tier

An A Tier for top lane League of Legends champions with faces of Malphite, Ornn, Wukong, Quinn, Sett, Darius and Gangplank

Champions: Malphite, Ornn, Wukong, Quinn, Sett, Darius, Gangplank

Malphite & Ornn: The definition of a front-line champion, with some added engage tools to help start fights. They aren’t as fun to play, but their role on the team is the foundation of a victory.

Wukong, Sett, Darius: These fighters will ruin someone’s day. Master the combos and stay alive to be a nuisance the other team can’t ignore.

Quinn & Gangplank: These two champs aren’t very similar, but their unique skill sets take a while to master. If you can make it out of the grind and feel comfortable picking one of these two, you can turn a game around and dominate the top-side of the map.

B Tier

A B Tier for League of Legends champions with the faces of Urgot, Cho'gath, Akali, Mordekaiser, Jayce, Volibear, Gnar, Aatrox, Maokai, Garen and Rengar

Champions: Urgot, Cho’Gath, Akali, Mordekaiser, Jayce, Volibear, Gnar, Aatrox, Maokai, Garen, Rengar

Urgot, Jayce, Gnar: Ranged champs with melee capabilities. A nice balanced fighter can help you stay adaptable throughout a game.

Cho’Gath, Volibear, Maokai: Monsters that scale and strike fear. Support your team to victory with these imposing champions.

Akali & Rengar: Assassins that love to kill. If you’re a ninja at heart, use these champs to pick a team apart.

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Mordekaiser, Aatrox, Garen: Strong melee champs that are hard to kill, but also provide a lot of damage. They can take over a lane and stay relevant to the end.

C Tier

A C Tier for top lane League of Legends champions featuring Kayle, Irelia, Kennen, Lucian, Nasus, Poppy, Riven, Singed, Sion, Sylas, Tryndamere, Vladimir, Teemo, Illaoi, Kled

Champions: Kayle, Irelia, Kennen, Lucian, Nasus, Poppy, Riven, Singed, Sion, Sylas, Tryndamere, Vladimir, Teemo, Illaoi, Kled

Kayle, Nasus, Poppy, Sion: Fight alone, or with your team, just don’t lose your lane.

Irelia, Riven, Singed, Tryndamere, Kled: Not the strongest fighters right now, but if your skill level is above your opponent, you can scale your way to victory.

Kennen, Lucian, Teemo: Ranged champs that can annoy a big bruiser. Mostly used to harass in the early game, and can be helpful in team fights for the late game.

Sylas, Vladimir, Illaoi: These champions are always a good choice, just require a high level of skill to be good and not piss off the rest of your team. Confidence is key for these top-laners.

Make sure that, above all else, the champ you choose synergizes with your team comp and is a champ that you can play well. Have fun and try new things to improve your game on the top-side of the map.

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