League of Legends: Steel Valkyries 2022 Goes Live With Exciting Skins

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League of Legends: Steel Valkyries 2022 Goes Live With Exciting Skins

League of Legends' latest event, “Steel Valkyries 2022”  just went live!

Here's everything you can expect to encounter after booting up the newly released updates on the world's most famous MOBA. All of the details about the event passes, and new skins from League‘s newest event follows.



Riot has kept their flagship game fresh by releasing new events one after the other. And with each update comes more skins, emotes, and icons champions on Summoner's Rift can enjoy. League of Legends has seen massive success over the 13-year period that it's been out due to how frequent event updates and patches get released, among other things. With that said, as Patch 12.16 goes live, players will be able to participate in games, events, and challenges for this year's Steel Valkyrie.

“The Steel Valkyries” belong to an alternate sci-fi space spin on the League of Legends mythos. Bounty hunters, rebels, and powerful justicars hold power over the devastated space regions, often clashing with each other in the spin-off universe. With themes centering on space exploration and action-packed intergalactic skirmishes between lawless space bandits and soldiers in powerful exo-suits, expect these new cosmetics to be lethally elegant.


Strike Team Hyperion skins

Armored Titan Nasus, Strike Paladin Lucian, and Strike Commander Camillle's sleek cybernetic enhancements give their exo-suits a sophisticated, battle-ready aesthetic. In the mythos, Strike Team Hyperion was formed to retake a highly dangerous exo-suit prototype from the hands of the traitorous Kai'sa. Taking on the mantle of god-like space warriors, these powerfully ruthless skins will help you impose the will of the galaxy's finest on the Rift.



Royal Space Military

Commander justicars upholding a shaky peace within a wartorn galaxy, Cyber Halo Janna with an alternate Prestige Edition skin enters its roster to hold authority over all with the sheen of their deadly armaments. Janna adds a much needed breath of fresh air as she presents a more fashionable approach in her mech-suit, being praised in the sci-fi lore as an innovative beacon in the world of fashion design as well as the battlefield.


Players will be presented with new tasks and cosmetics when they boot up the client, which they may work for during the event. To make the most of the event, players with money to spend may pay 1,650 RP for the Event Pass, which will unlock four Steel Valkyries 2022 Orbs, 200 tokens, and additional Steel Valkyrie event tasks.

A Janna Champion Shard, a Cyber Halo Janna skin, and the Cyber Halo Janna symbol are also included in the special event package, which includes the same goodies as the pass on top of that.

Amongst the prized goodies players can expect in this episode, participants of Steel Valkyries 2022 can also win a fun skin for your ward: a literal fighter drone that adorably bumps around while it does recon for its duration.

Steel Valkyries 2022 ends on September 26, 2022 at 11:59 PM (PT). Event quests will stop at that point, but Steel Valkyries 2022 Tokens will be accepted up until October 3, 2022 at 1:00 PM (PT).


League of Legends: Steel Valkyries 2022 Goes Live With Exciting Skins
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