League of Legends Preseason 2023: Jungle Pets in a Nutshell

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League of Legends Preseason 2023: Jungle Pets in a Nutshell

We check out Riot's cuddly jungle companions and the avatar buffs that come with them!

“It’s Dangerous to Go Alone!”

League of Legends recently uploaded a developer update video on their official YouTube channel. In it, they delved into the creative process of one of their planned additions to Summoner's Rift in 2023: incredibly cute jungle pets!

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Don't let their adorable faces fool you, though. When fully grown, these little critters can provide sizeable power-ups for one of the hardest roles you can play in League of Legends.

The Jungler is a highly specialized role in League of Legends. Every match, these players earn gold to buy specialized jungler items to clear camps, and assist laning allies with planned ambushes. Riot's massively popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) places high-value objectives within the Jungle area in the form of large monsters hidden in the fog of war, and even elemental dragons!

Whereas highly capable players used to the role know how to juggle multiple responsibilities, it can be a tough gig for newbies. As a result, newcomers rarely stay on the Jungler role.

“The jungle is wildly too hard to learn, and get to the point where you're having fun”, Game Designer Ezra Lynn remarked.

Once 2023 arrives, Junglers will be able to forego their main item to purchase a jungle companion's egg at the shop. Three eggs will turn into your desired pet, each with its own unique features and buffs. A jungle companion will help you clear camps, and will grow more powerful with each slain monster.

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Jungle Companions will eventually evolve into avatar buffs that vary depending on which egg you choose. Any one of these 3 buffs can augment your chosen build and increase the value you bring in any team composition. As a result, companions add an exciting new aspect to the Jungler role that any new player can get behind.

Credit: Riot Games

  • Noxian Embercat*: For aggressive Jungler builds, the red Embercat's egg is the best pick. On top of getting additional damage, applying slows on your enemies can make you a an even deadlier force to be reckoned with.
  • Ixtali Ixamander*: This green companion strengthens your defenses, and lets you take more hits for the team. You'll get a shield based on your total HP. When enemies destroy your Ixamander shield, you'll get resistance to slow and gain Tenacity.
  • Ionian Cloudleaper*: If running circles around your opponents and zipping across the map is more your style, go for the blue egg. You'll get a nice bonus to your movement speed once it fully evolves.

*names are subject to future changes before the final patch arrives in 2023.

Within Riot's League of Legends Preseason sneak-peek, several quality-of-life changes were also introduced, including an “aggro” range indicator for jungler monsters and an updated ping wheel. Guides for jungle paths would also be an added feature in the preseason, each one “..determined by gathering data from high-skilled junglers on their high mastery champs across the globe.”

Credit: Riot Entertainment

With these beautiful creatures and more slated for future release, Junglers can look forward to a new year full of new possibilities for play in their favorite MOBA.

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League of Legends Preseason 2023: Jungle Pets in a Nutshell
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