League of Legends: Pobelter joins Team Liquid as Positional Coach for 2020 LCS

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League of Legends: Pobelter joins Team Liquid as Positional Coach for 2020 LCS

Eugene “Pobelter” Park has joined Team Liquid as a Positional Coach for the 2020 LCS Season. His focus will be on the top half of the match.

Pobelter will use this new position to assist Team Liquid Head Coach Jang “Cain” Nu-ri and Assistant Coach Kang  “Dodo” Jun-hyeok. The deal came about after Pobelter reached out to Team Liquid CEO Steve Arhancet for advice and was offered the opportunity to assist the Team Liquid coaching staff.

Pobelter was the starting midlaner for Team Liquid in the 2018 LCS, taking the team to 2nd and 3rd place finishes in the domestic season. Pobelter spent 2019 with FlyQuest, after a poor showing in 2019, especially in the final split Pobelter was left without a team for 2020.

Speaking in a Twitlonger in late November, Pobelter had some choice words for his former team and NA teams:

“ I was very angry as well, both at myself for not playing better last year, and also at the teams who in my humble opinion are just making baffling decisions and signed random imports, washed-up players, players who don't work hard and are just playing for a paycheck in NA. “

He went on to speak about contact he’d have with sides for 2020 which came to nothing: “It's kind of disappointing as well that I had calls with a couple (of) teams who seemed very interested in acquiring me as a player and then were very unresponsive the next day, told me to just wait as they sorted things out, then just ended up sort of ghosting me. I was even willing to accept a pay cut, try out, bootcamp, do ANYTHING to get my foot in the door. I thought I could expect a little bit more given my history of success within NA at least, but there was nothing.”

Pobelter will work with the following roster in 2020, with a special interest in the top and jungle roles:

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Top – Impact

Jungle – Broxah

Mid – Jensen

ADC – Doublelift

Support – CoreJJ

League of Legends: Pobelter joins Team Liquid as Positional Coach for 2020 LCS
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