League Of Legends: LEC Superweek Breaks Viewership Records

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League Of Legends: LEC Superweek Breaks Viewership Records

Summer has seen LEC viewership increase by over 108% compared to 2019, with an increase of over 250% during Superweek.

Overall the first four weeks of Summer have seen 13,454,941 total hours watched, that’s a difference of 108% compared to 2019. Superweek had a 254.24% increase in total hours watched across the three day weekend, while the weekend also saw the highest peak viewership for Europe during opening week, at 479,784. This in turn caused the LEC’s Average Minute Audience (AMA), which is fans watching at the same time, also growing 81% compared to Summer 2019.

The report by the LEC also said the league has seen a huge increase in content viewership during Summer Split. The LEC music video for Diplo’s “On My Mind” has over 1,102,300 views across Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram, and the Summer Promo video reached 1,099,800 views.

LEC looking stronger than ever

The increase in viewership is playing right into the hands of the league, which has seen its wildest split since it began in 2018. Right now Rogue and MAD Lions (7-2) sit in join first, with a two-way tie for third place between G2 Esports and Misfits Gaming (5-4). The fifth-place has seen an amazing five-way tie, with SK Gaming, Origen, Excel Esports, Fnatic and Team Vitality all sitting at 4-5 as we head into part two of the Summer Split. The outlier right now is Schalke 04, who sits at 1-8, after its final day victory against Fnatic.

While it will probably start to settle down as we approach the later stages of the split, with everyone still having one chance at each side, things could still get spicy. We don’t go into the second half of the split with many chances, however, with just Origen making a change to support as they confirmed the signing of  Jakub “Jactroll” Skurzński from Team Vitality today.

Fnatic Pulls Ahead With Flawless 5-0 in LEC 2024 Summer Season

If you want to see what the movers-and-shakers could look like in the LEC Summer Split part 2, check out our Power Rankings. It’s safe to say, we did not expect to create a Power Rankings in 2020 that featured G2 as the number two side in Europe.

League Of Legends: LEC Superweek Breaks Viewership Records
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