League of Legends: LEC Power Shift – Who Will Be The Best In Europe?

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League of Legends: LEC Power Shift – Who Will Be The Best In Europe?

Fnatic and G2 are currently looking up at Mad Lions and Rogue.

Here’s a fun fact: Since its inception in 2013, the LEC has seen the split end with either Fnatic or G2 in first or second place EVERY. SINGLE. SPLIT. More currently, the last two splits included both G2 and Fnatic in first and second place respectfully. Now, if you are a fan of G2 or Fnatic, it is obviously too early in the season to be panicking. However, there does seem to be a very real possibility that they may miss out on the top two spots this split.

With wins earlier today, Mad Lions and Rogue have a comfortable record of 5-1. Meanwhile, with more losses today, Fnatic and G2 are both sitting at 3-3. It seems that little mistakes keep plaguing the European giants and, if this trend continues, we could see the two most dominant teams in the LEC miss out on their coveted spots atop the standings.

It should be noted that the one loss for both Mad Lions and Rogue came at the hands of G2. So, it is possible that G2 is just having a rough start to the split. Their early struggles have certainly opened the door for new teams to make a case for themselves. Also, speaking of G2 losses, SK Gaming made a loud statement with a great win over G2 today.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow as the last two matches of the day will be must-see TV. First, we get to see Mad Lions go up against Rogue for the definitive top spot in the LEC. Then we will get to see G2 and Fnatic go at it to determine which team is ready to bounce back and fight for their spot as a European giant. It’ll be an action-packed day for the LEC and the fans stand to benefit the most.

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