League of Legends: Best Botlane Duos in 13.12

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League of Legends: Best Botlane Duos in 13.12

Ranking the best botlane duos in the League of Legends 13.12 ranked split.

The botside has arguably been the most important part of any League of Legends game. Since the very beginning, teams have had their eyes trained on their botlane duo to gauge their chances of winning in the late-game. This remains true even at the highest levels of play. More than that, the bottom side of the jungle also contains strong neutral objectives that can give your team the upper hand.

Champion selections ultimately make or break a game, with stronger meta champions emerging the victor more often than not. There's a reason why they call it an “Attack Damage Carry”. At the end of the day, viable picks play a huge factor in how a game is decided. And it also helps to count on a competent support when it comes to the wire. So we looked at the data and ranked the top 5 best botlane duos in League of Legends patch 13.12.

That said, this guide is for players who want to escape silver/gold or polish their gamesense. With only 25 days left in the current split,, there's still time to finish strong. Win more games with the best botlane duos in patch 13.12.

Caitlyn / Milio

League of Legends Best Botlane Duos in Patch 13.12

First on our list is an abvious one which you've probably already seen on the Rift. Caitlyn's high base damage is already something to be wary of, but give her extra range, sustain and magic damage, and you've got a hell of an Attack Damage Carry in the early gamee.

This is arguably the strongest botlane duo that we've seen so far in lower tiers, and for good reason. Not only is LoL's newest hero easy to use, but his kit can synergize pretty well with his ADC by slowing, and exposing vulnerable targets for her to pick off. Caitlyn on the other hand can use crowd control to zone and deter the enemy ADC from bursting the support.

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This is easily the most straightforward duo on this list, and one of the easiest to practice. To learn more about what makes LoL's latest addition one of the best supports in the game, click here.

Kog'Maw / Lulu

League of Legends Best Botlane Duos in Patch 13.12

Next up, we have Kog'Maw and Lulu! This unlikely pair can shut down enemy engage champs and deal devastating damage to opponents with their myriad of synergies, some of which we've listed below:

  • Using Kog's Q decreases the target's armor and magic resist before you apply CC
  • Use eiher Lulu's Q or Kog'Maw's E to slow high-value targets
  • Synergizing Bio-Arcane Barrage with Whimsy and Wild Growth will make Kog'maw an unstoppable force
  • Granting vision on a fleeing opponent with Lulu's E will allow the mouth of the abyss to hit its ult more accurately

And those are just some of their big ability combos. Legendary items can enhance or completely revamp these. And with the right runes, it will be absolute carnage when you play your cards right with this botlane duo.

Zeri / Yuumi

League of Legends Best Botlane Duos in Patch 13.12

As far as botlane duos go, this one is probably the most infamous. Despite massive nerfs done to Yuumi, this combo has helped dominate sidelanes this patch. That said, this is probably the most skill-heavy synergy on this list.

Yuumi's strong shield from her E gives a substantial burst of movement speed, allowing an already mobile Zeri to completely avoid skillshots, despite not having built her boots yet. Moreover, Yuumi's elusive Q skill gives good healing and slows, and is fairly tricky for the enemy ADC to dodge.

Not only that, but Zeri's long-range poke can be used to finish off retreating foes. And given the versatility of her kit, her rune set-up almost always balances well with Yuumi's arsenal. Speaking of, her support's ultimate ability grants additional On-Hit damage on each slowed targets when she flies alongside her Best Friend, which means that a built Zeri can zap multiple opponents off of the Rift if both parties communicate well.

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Draven / Blitzcrank

League of Legends Best Botlane Duos in Patch 13.12

Draven's high burst capabilities and outstanding mobility pairs extremely well with Blitzcrank's hooks (any any champion with hook, for that matter).

This particular botlane duo has a big fear factor to it. Your opponents can't risk getting hooked early game, so they'll be forced to play behind minions. On top of that, Draven's slow can lead to you getting chased back under tower once your minions run out, which usually leads to Draven winning trades. And given that support Blitzcranks typically help push the wave with Bulwark, your opponents are bound to have a hard time.

This duo has everything, from pulls, knock-ups and slows to high burst damage, speed boosts and enemy silences. As a consequence, you're free to be as aggressive as you want with Draven and Blitzcrank, as long as you don't get locked down or rushed by a fed Yasuo.

Jhin / Janna

League of Legends Best Botlane Duos in Patch 13.12

As the final pair on our list, we have another unlikely combo in the bottom lane. Jhin and Janna.

First and foremost, the most relevant cc of this botlane duo is Janna's peel/self-peel with her Q, which lets your support play as aggressive as they want to offset Jhin's slow attack speed in the first five minutes of the game. Moreover, she can slow wandering targets when Jhin starts his Curtain Call, and reposition dive champs with her R whenever necessary.

Anyone's who has had experience playing Jhin knows that his skills hit like a truck in the late game. Janna can stack additional attack damage on Jhin with her Eye of the Storm shield, which is also the easiest way to get assists on Janna. You can also maximize her Q's potential by using the Glacial Augment rune which applies a wide slow ray based on your shield and ability power.

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League of Legends: Best Botlane Duos in 13.12
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