League of Legends Arena: Augments Recieve Changes

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League of Legends Arena: Augments Recieve Changes

Here are all of the changes coming to the Hextech Augments in League of Legends Arena mode.

With the return of League of Legends Arena mode, Riot is making some much-needed changes ahead of the latest release coming in December. While Augments offered a different outlook on the game, the Augment meta was quickly defined, meaning only select Augments were picked for each game. This was factored into the decision Riot made to alter the pick-and-ban phase, to allow for a more diverse champion pool. This should ultimately lead to different Augments being selected as a result. Here are all of the Augment changes Riot is hoping to implement for the latest release of Arena.

Riot Is Giving League of Legends Arena Augments An Extensive Overhaul

As noted earlier, players would identify the optimal Augment for their Champion and roll for them specifically. To combat this problem, Riot has introduced sixty new Augments to diversify the pool. On top of this, Riot is limiting the number of chances to roll a specific Augment each round to two.

The goal here is to reward players who experiment and are creative, as well as reduce the amount of Champion stacking. This was a major problem in the first release of Arena as the “meta duos” were quickly identified. By having such a small pool of Champions, the games felt the same, and along with the same Augments each game, things got stale pretty quickly.

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Instead of removing well-known Augments that were already established in version one, Riot went the other route and simply added more, sixty to be in fact. While this can be seen as a scary move for players to have to learn over a hundred different Augments, Riot is already one step ahead. In version two, there will be visual changes to the Augments by adding “core and frame” visuals. This should help players see clearly the synergies between the different Augments as they are now categorized. Riot has not shared the details on the names of the categories, this article will be updated as more information on Arena is released.

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