League of Legends Arena Mode is Returning

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League of Legends Arena Mode is Returning

Here is everything you need to know about the returning Arena mode in League of Legends.

League of Legends Arena mode is returning this December. The highly regarded 2v2v2v2 mode was a massive success when Riot released the mode beta earlier in the year. And ever since, players have been itching to get the opportunity to score some more victories. The news broke yesterday evening, in a blog post from Riot Games on the official League of Legends website, announcing the return of Arena. In this post, Riot Games also discussed the future of the mode and when players will be able to get their hands on Arena once again. Here is everything you need to know about the return of League of Legends Arena.

When Will League of Legends Arena Be Returning?

League of Legends Arena mode will officially be in early December according to the Riot Games article. However, players will get the opportunity to play the game a little earlier. If you have a PBE account, you will be able to access Arena when patch 13.23 rolls out. The mode will first be released on the PBE ( Public Beta Environment) before being shipped out on the live servers in early December, an early Christmas present for those who celebrate it. Unfortunately for players, Arena will not be staying permanently as for the foreseeable future Riot looks to iron out the mistakes gradually with the mode making multiple returns rather than putting the mode on the shelf for years. Riot feels Arena is already fun to play and players should still get the opportunity to play the game even if it is in its development stage.

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Riot Addresses Player Feedback for Arena

With Arena still in its development process, this gives Riot the opportunity to listen to player feedback. This is exactly what they have done with many quality-of-life changes expected to come with the return of Arena later this month. Here are some of the changes that Riot is making to Arena:

You Can Now Queue With More Friends in Arena

Justice for the third wheelers as you can now queue with multiple friends in Arena. Groups of 2, 3 and 4 will now be able to queue up for the same game. This is a simple yet excellent addition to the mode which should ultimately bring in more players who were put off by the fact you could only play with one friend. Queuing with multiple players will not place you into a separate queue, however, Riot has confirmed, stating from experience multiple queues do more harm than good to the community.

Riot's Attempt To Tackle Champion Diversity

Riot has addressed how they are going to tackle champion diversity in Arena. The developers feel right now there aren't enough champions being played, and here is how they are attempting to tackle this issue. Firstly, Augments will see a massive upgrade as players complained they were experiencing the same build paths every game. ESTNN will cover these changes in full in a later article. The second change will be how the pick and ban system works. Firstly, players will ban champions at the beginning as normal, but picking champions will now be divided into two stages. The first stage sees each time blind pick a champion, those champions will be revealed. Then, the second player will blind pick a champion with the catch being they cannot select a champion that was picked in the first round.

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