League of Legends: LCS Suspends Spring Split due to Coronavirus Concerns

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League of Legends: LCS Suspends Spring Split due to Coronavirus Concerns

The LCS Spring Split won't continue as planned.

News of the coronavirus is everywhere, and its finally made its way to NA. LCS Commissioner Chris Greeley released a statement today saying that the LCS Spring Split will be suspended. In addition, the Finals in Texas will be postponed and moved to the LCS Studio in Los Angeles.

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, this news comes with little surprise. Especially so since the LEC suspended their own Spring Split earlier today right before their broadcast. The LCK and LPL were also suspended for periods of time, but the LPL has recently moved to play their official games online.

Greeley stated in a Tweet that the LCS will likely do the same:

“We are looking to shift our play to remote games (i.e. teams not on site) and get the LCS back as soon as possible. With the move of finals to the LCS Arena, our schedule is now very flexible to finish Spring Split.”

At this time, there are no reports that any players or staff have come into contact or been infected with the virus. This is simply a preventative measure nearly everyone is taking.

Finally, those who purchased tickets for the Spring Finals will be fully refunded. Those who don't receive their refund in ten days should contact SeatGeek.

With the Split nearing its end, it'll surely be hard for fans to wait for the action to resume. But this is definitely the right step for everyone involved's safety.

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