Last Epoch Void Horrors Explained

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Last Epoch Void Horrors Explained

In addition to completing the main missions, in Last Epoch, you will also have the opportunity to complete numerous side missions. These side missions are called prophecies and give you the chance to obtain very interesting rewards if completed. In this article, therefore, we will tell you how to complete the Last Epoch Void Horrors.

How Do Last Epoch Void Horrors Work?

The Void Horrors Prophecy becomes available when you reach Chapter 9 of the game's story. To reach it, you need to go to the Circle of Fortune in the Upper District of Maj'Elka. In this place, there are four telescopes. When you interact with them, you can see Prophecies that you can buy with Favors.

Each Prophecy has tasks for you to do. When you finish these tasks, you get a reward. What's great is that unlike normal prizes that are random, these rewards are sure to come. However, the tasks for each Prophecy are random, so they won't be the same every time. But sooner or later, one of them will ask you to defeat Void Horrors to claim your reward.

Last Epoch Void Horror Locations

Once you have a prophecy that says you need to beat Void Horrors, you will have to figure out where to find them. These black masses are unfriendly creatures. They attack with strong punches and can use a special move called Void Explosion. In this move, they throw an explosive thing made of void at their enemies. So, get ready for a tough battle when you encounter them.

  • The Forsaken Trail: You can find this place in the Central Valley
  • Black Sun Monolith: It's inside the Underground Palace Echoes within the Monolith
  • The Surface: This place is also in the Central Valley
  • Lotus Halls: You can find this place in the Temple of Eterra
  • The Arena: Fighting waves of enemies in the Arena might bring out Void Horrors, so look at our Arena guide for more info on this final game feature
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Last Epoch Void Horrors

Last Epoch Void Horror Prophecy Bug

Some players trying to complete the Void Horror Prophecy in Last Epoch are having a tough time because there's a pesky problem. When they kill this monster, it doesn't count toward their quest's progress. It's not entirely clear why this happens, but there's something you can try to solve this problem.

The first thing to do is to look for and defeat Void Horrors, as they naturally appear in the Monolith of Fate. Doing this should help you make progress toward the Circle of Fortune Prophecy. Lots of Last Epoch players have noticed that killing Void Horrors during scripted side quests like Beacon and Arena Echoes doesn't count. So, the best bet is to find Void Horrors wandering around the Monolith and take them down.

Also, make sure that you don't do any of these things, as they can prevent you from correctly completing the quest and therefore tracking your progress.

  • Forgetting to claim the prophecy: Just looking at the prophecy through the Observatory's telescope doesn't activate it. You need to have enough Favor, shown above the quest star, then select the prophecy and confirm it in the Claim Prophecy window. Once you have done this right, you will see the prophecy in your Faction menu under the Prophecies tab.
  • Not meeting the prophecy's conditions: Prophecies often have specific requirements. For the Void Horror Prophecy, you have to defeat the enemies inside the Monolith. So, killing them in places like the Ruins of Welryn won't count because they're not in a Monolith.
  • Not finding Void Horrors: You can only come across Void Horrors in specific Monoliths: The Black Sun, Fall of the Empire, and The Last Ruin. They're rare to find and they will have an aura around them to show they're stronger.
Last Epoch Void Horrors Explained
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