Last Epoch Roadmap – What’s Next For the ARPG?

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Last Epoch Roadmap – What’s Next For the ARPG?

Here is everything you need to know about the Last Epoch Roadmap and what ‘Cycles' are all about.

Last Epoch is the latest entry in the illustrious ARPG genre. And while servers are buckling under the weight of players wanting to check out this darling title, we're already looking past that. After 5 years in early access, the timeline-crossing adventure finally launched into its 1.0 version but we all know that that is just the start of an endless race for new content.

And while there isn't much information out yet, we managed to find some information on what's next for the ARPG.

Last Epoch Roadmap

As of writing, there is no Roadmap for Last Epoch yet. (We'll be adding it to this article should any of that change) But we do know that this is just the start of more to come. Developer Eleventh Hour Games has already promised that they'll bring more content to their title every few months in updates they call ‘Cycles'.

Cycles are Seasons in Last Epoch which will mark major updates to the game's end-game content and add new skills, unique items, and gameplay systems every few months. The extent of these updates is still unknown but please consider that Eleventh Hour Games is a small indie studio and not a giant content house like Blizzard or Grinding Gear Games.

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We do however know that the first of these Cycles is planned to be released around May/June of 2024 and if this establishes a trend, you can expect these Cycles to last 3-4 months. But we will keep you posted on when you can expect these updates to land as well as what content you can expect once more information becomes available.

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Last Epoch Roadmap – What’s Next For the ARPG?
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