Last Epoch Experimental Items

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Last Epoch Experimental Items

Last Epoch gives you the possibility of dealing with different types of items, all with different characteristics from each other. In this article, we will tell you about the Last Epoch Experimental Items, which come with very powerful affixes that are capable of changing the way you play. For this reason, we will explain everything you need to know about it and how to obtain it, so that you will be able to create increasingly powerful pieces of equipment if you make use of the right materials.

What Are Experimental Items in Last Epoch

Before proceeding to explain how to obtain the Last Epoch Experimental Items, you need to know what they are. An experimental item features a unique enhancement known as an experimental affix. These modifiers, unavailable elsewhere in Last Epoch, significantly boost your character's strength, particularly catering to specific playstyles. For instance, certain armor pieces provide protection against damage over time; defeating enemies grants you a longer-lasting protective shield called Ward; and utilizing specific movement skills temporarily boosts your speed.

Although these special enhancements may not seem particularly beneficial during the leveling phase, they become considerably more potent in endgame scenarios. This is primarily due to the extensive crafting options available, such as the Rune of Research. Embedding this rune into your item allows you to permanently incorporate one of these experimental modifiers, thereby creating room for additional enhancements. Expert crafters can even apply these unique modifiers to the finest gear in the game using advanced crafting techniques.

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Last Epoch Experimental Items

How to Get Experimental Items in Last Epoch

Now that you know what Experimental Items are, the time has come to explain how to obtain them. All special items in Last Epoch come from Exiled Mages. These are strong enemies locked up in Rune Prisons found all over Eterra. You can stumble upon these prisons while you're playing through the story or doing the Monolith of Fate quests. Every time you defeat one of these mages, they'll give you at least one special item.

Once you reach Level 70 or higher, Exiled Mages can also give you Runes of Research. If you put one of these on an item, you can keep a special enhancement in its own spot. This means you can add another enhancement to your item. Sometimes, they might also give you a Glyph of Insight. This swaps out one of the modifiers on an item with a special enhancement. If you know the right crafting tricks, you can make incredibly strong gear in Last Epoch using these crafting materials.

Last Epoch Experimental Items
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