Last Epoch Auto Pick Up Shards Feature Requested by Players

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Last Epoch Auto Pick Up Shards Feature Requested by Players

Last Epoch is an ARPG that is very reminiscent of Diablo's gameplay style. Since its release in Early Access, it has received good success and even its full release is not disappointing expectations, even if there are some problems related to the connection. However, one of the most requested features is that of the auto pick up shards. In fact, many, on various social channels, have complained about this absence. But let's see together, in detail, what it is.

Last Epoch Auto Pick Up Shards Feature Could Be Worth Adding

In Last Epoch, you will have the opportunity to engage in various fights against a myriad of different enemies. You can rely on characters with different classes and therefore who use different builds, attacks, and skills, but the thing that everyone has in common is that they will have to collect the loot that is released. However, some things, such as gold, can be collected independently when running over them, which is not the case for shards.

For this reason, many have complained that this feature is not also extended to this type of resource, with some users requesting that it also be used for glyphs and runes. In fact, to date, you have to manually collect what is released by enemies if, in fact, they are shards. It might seem like a small thing, but in some cases, the presence of this functionality would be really convenient.

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Last epoch auto pick up shards

The developers have said that they are aware of this desire on the part of the players but that, at the moment, they do not plan any changes to how this system has been conceived. However, that doesn't mean this couldn't change in the future. But, at least for now, there are no plans in this sense, so we don't know how things will evolve.

What we can say is that the developers decided not to implement this functionality in Last Epoch because they want to make people think of shards as real items rather than simple resources. And it is also for this reason that there is no functionality to automatically transfer them to the materials bank.

Consequently, although the developers have not excluded a priori the possibility of being able to dedicate themselves to the creation of this feature in Last Epoch, it is quite unlikely that it will actually be created, according to what has been reported. In fact, if they decide to listen to the community's feedback, they will distort their initial idea a bit, so it is likely that the auto pick up feature for shards, runes, and glyphs will never be implemented.

Last Epoch Auto Pick Up Shards Feature Requested by Players
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