KSI on Misfits Boxing, Deji v Mayweather, Jay Swingler v Cherdleys – MF DAZN: X Series 002

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KSI on Misfits Boxing, Deji v Mayweather, Jay Swingler v Cherdleys – MF DAZN: X Series 002

KSI Spoke to ESTNN about everything Misfits Boxing and Deji v Mayweather ahead of the MF DAZN X Series 002.

KSI Interview – Misfits Boxing MF DAZN X Series 002

KSI is not just a boxer, YouTuber, or musician. This weekend he takes on the role of promoter as he leads the line at the Misfits & DAZN: X Series 002 card at the Utilita Arena in Sheffield, England. We spoke to him about everything to do with this card, and asked his thoughts on his brother Deji’s upcoming bout against Floyd Mayweather.

You’ve gone from the Boxer, to the Promoter. How does that feel?

KSI: It's nice. Obviously, I don't want this to be a thing that I do for every single event. But it's cool to be on this side not having to be in fight mode and having to be focusing on  killing my opponent. I’m excited to watch the entertainment from every fighter on Saturday.

What are your thoughts on the fighters on this card and what do you think they can bring on Saturday?

KSI: I think we have some very exciting fights. I think obviously Swingler v Cherdleys is going to be good. I think he might be playing a game with Jay. And Jay needs to watch out. Because if he gets lured into that trap, he might just get beat by split decision as he likes to call it. But then obviously, we got Ryan Taylor versus Slim. That is gonna be a tough fight. Ryan's a big guy. Big strong guy. He's tough as well. But, Slim is elusive. Very, very elusive.

So, yeah, honestly, my head says Slim. But my heart is going yo, Ryan, might steal this. So I guess we'll see. And then the other fights as well, you know, it's cool to be able to bring up all these new fighters and essentially give them all an opportunity to be on the big show. Misfits, we're open for everyone, men, women and everything in between, like, you want to come fight? Come fight, that's just what it is. It's inclusive, and allows everyone who wouldn't normally be accepted in a traditional boxing sense, you can come to Misfits and let Misfits be your home.

Your brother, Deji is taking on Mayweather soon. Your thoughts on that fight?

KSI: I'm excited and scared for my bro because, yeah, Mayweather, we need to remember this is an undefeated fighter. My bro doesn't have any real, let’s say, advantage. Like knowledge-wise, Mayweather knows so much more about boxing. Fitness-wise, you know? Mayweather, maybe because he's been relatively active. And I guess Deji can maybe push it but like, you know, that isn't his strong suit. And the reach you know, it's pretty similar. The height is pretty similar. When Mayweather fought Logan, Logan had several things in his favor. Whereas Deji just doesn't, you know, he just needs to stay safe and try not to get knocked out but it's still a W anyway.

I keep telling Deji, it's Mayweather. You can't be like Mayweather doesn't do this; Mayweather doesn't do that. It's Mayweather, he knows everything. He knows so much when it comes to boxing. He's fought so many times that it’s just like clockwork for him. I'm gonna be in Dubai anyway to watch him fight. I'm hoping my brother can just stay safe. Stay safe and stay fit and just protect himself at all times because we know what Mayweather can do when someone doesn't protect themselves at all times.

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