Kentucky Fried Chicken Continue Their Esports Interest With Brand New Performance Burger

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Kentucky Fried Chicken Continue Their Esports Interest With Brand New Performance Burger

Mountain Dew? Sure. Dorito-dusted fingers? Of course… but when you think of modern-day gaming fuel, do you conjure up images of KFC immediately?

The longest-running fast-food fried chicken chain is looking for a change and is hoping to find it in the world of esports. KFC Gaming has just announced its new campaign for the “Esports Performance Burger,” alongside a documentary-style parody of the product.

KFC Gaming's Latest Campaign

This hot-to-trot comedy campaign was started in part to help promote Kentucky Fried Chicken’s brand new vegan burger… as well as the renewal of a deal between Kairos Esports and the fast-food heavyweight.

Josh Benge, the current Brand Engagement Manager at KFC had this to say regarding the collaboration: “It’s been amazing to see the reception of our new Esports Performance Burger and know that it’s unlocking the potential of our customers and taking their gaming to the next level. We can’t wait to see elite-level gamers taking to servers the world over and showing off the potential of plant-based performance.”

So if you ever think that you’re living in an alternate reality, a semi-self-contained clown world where the rise of counterculture sports and fast food work together hand in hand… you’re definitely onto something. KFC Gaming has been going strong for almost three years now. Thankfully, there are no signs at all that the company will stop.

Drew Townley, the CEO of Kairos, recently spoke about the two groups continued collaboration in a press release this week:

“Working with the team at KFC has been an absolute pleasure and we look forward to bringing many more great activations to gamers. The last year has been all about establishing KFC Gaming as a leading brand activation in the esports and gaming industry. We’re excited to kick-off 2020 with a fun ad for the new KFC Vegan Burger and it’s “esports performance enhancing” characteristics, which may or may not be substantiated by evidence.”

Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Pull up to the next window.

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