Kai Cenat Becomes Most Subscribed Twitch Streamer of All Time

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Kai Cenat Becomes Most Subscribed Twitch Streamer of All Time

Kai Cenat is officially the most subscribed Twitch streamer of all time.

Kai Cenat has come a long way since he started streaming at the beginning of 2018. And now, he can call himself the most subscribed Twitch streamer in the platform's history.


The previous concurrent subscriber record belonged to Ludwig, setting the record in April 2021 with 283,066. Ludwig's trademark subathons have done wonders with setting records. But with Ludwig off Twitch after switching to YouTube, someone surpassing him someday was inevitable. And that day is today.

Ludwig set the previous record of 283,066 back in April 2021 during a 30-day subathon. During Kai's own subathon this month, Kai Cenat managed to surpass top Ludwig's record after peaking past 284,000 subscribers tonight.

As of writing this, he has since shot past 300,000 subscribers and still climbing, becoming the most-subscribed Twitch channel of all time. Add it to his list of streamer accolades. Ludwig himself and the rest of the Internet is busy congratulating Kai for the achievement.

Kai Cernat is currently one of the most consistent draws on Twitch, regularly receiving over 50,000 concurrent viewers a stream. He took home the 2022 Streamer of the Year Award from the 2022 YouTube Streamy Awards and is already a frontrunner for 2023. It's the year of the Kai, everyone.

Congratulations on becoming Twitch's number one.

Kai Cenat Becomes Most Subscribed Twitch Streamer of All Time
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