JonBeast Wins Madden MCS Most Feared Challenge

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JonBeast Wins Madden MCS Most Feared Challenge

After an exciting back-and-forth Final, JonBeast is officially the MCS Most Feared Challenge Champion. 

The MCS 24 kicked off again tonight with the MCS Most Feared Challenge. After much online competition and an elimination phase, four top-ranked MCS players, JonBeast, Wesley, TJ, and Abram, met face-to-face for the in-person Final. With $125K in prize money and qualification points for the Ultimate Madden Bowl up for grabs, each player had to bring their A-game. 

JonBeast made it to the Final with a 35-28 victory over Abram . TJ earned his spot in his first Majors final after a shocking comeback 18-17 victory over Wesley. 

Rookie Versus Veteran Final

Rookie TJ put up a great fight against JonBeast but fell short of total victory.

A relative newcomer to the MCS, competing in his second season, the Most Feared Challenge was TJ's first MCS Major appearance and Final Four appearance. JonBeast, a Madden veteran, came in as the favorite. Currently #6 in the MCS Power Rankings (Compared to TJ's #29), JonBeast has 7 MCS Major and 4 MCS Final appearances. 

Despite facing one of the strongest competitors on the MCS scene, TJ wasn't one to go down easy. He got off to a strong start with a Torry Holt TD on the third play of his opening drive. JonBeast responded with a quick DK Metcalf TD of his own. 

After some bad reads by TJ and some defensive stops by JonBeast, it seemed like the Beast named Jon might pull away early. But Jon failed to convert the first defensive stop into a TD, settling for a field goal, with his second stop forcing TJ to settle for a field goal of his own. 

A deep bomb to Kyle Pitts gave TJ a 20-17 lead heading into halftime. He kept up the momentum early in the second half, and after a wheel route interception and 2 TDs, the newcomer TJ headed into the 4th quarter with a 34-24 lead over Jon Beast. 

What followed is an incredible comeback that every viewer is sure to remember. 

Two Minute Comeback

JonBeast made an unbelievable comeback to become the Most Feared Champion.

Down by a significant deficit, JonBeast began making a lot of out-of-bounds plays to keep the clock from running down too much during his drives. After a TD, JonBeast got a rare onside kick recovery, which turned the tide in his favor. One CMC breakaway later, and JonBeast was up 38-34. Talk about a crazy two minutes. 

On the very next drive, TJ made a grave mistake, which ended up sealing his fate, when he threw an interception straight into the hands of JonBeast's Pola-Mao. 

The running game in the Final was virtually non-existent until the tail end of the fourth quarter. Knowing the advantage was now in his favor, JonBeast wisely started running the ball, with CMC and Marshawn Lynch running down the clock. After a 1st down conversion bringing JonBeast's team to 1st and Goal territory, Jon took a knee and secured the win. 

Along with $30,000, JonBeast is now one of a handful of Madden players with more than one MCS belt. The Most Feared Challenge is also his first in-person win. 

What's Next For MCS

Registrations are still live for the 4th annual Madden NFL x HBCU Tournament. All undergraduate and graduate students attending an HBCU are elligible to participate. The first Qualifier begins on October 28. Interested participants can register here

The start of the MCS Harvest Challenge is just days away! Will you be tuning in?

The MCS Harvest Challege is on deck next, with ladders beginning on October 21. Like the Most Feared Challenge, there will be a $125K prize pool, with the Champion taking home $30,000. Interested participants have until 1PM on October 23 to register. You can do so at

Congratulations to JonBeast for becoming the Most Feared Challenge Champion!

JonBeast Wins Madden MCS Most Feared Challenge
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