Can You Play the Content Warning Game on Xbox/PS5?

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Can You Play the Content Warning Game on Xbox/PS5?

The hilarious survival co-op hit big numbers during its “free to keep” debut on Steam, but will console players be joining the fun?

Content Warning is poised to be the latest craze in the horror co-op genre. The game went on Steam with a $0 pricetag campaign and a promise that participants would own the game forever. And since then, the game's amassed nearly 200,000 concurrent players at its peak, with almost seven million downloads.

Indie games have taken over the survival horror co-op genre in the past 4 years. While titles like Lethal Company and Plasmophobia focuses more on the paranormal aspects, Content Warning's unique twist has players vlogging the monsters they find for a shot at SpöökTube fame.

So with its current success, one of the question on everybody's mind is if Content Warning is coming to consoles anytime soon.

Is the Content Warning Game on Xbox/PS5?

Content Warning is not available on any consoles. You can only play the Content Warning game on PC via Steam download.

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Consoles like the Xbox Series X|S and the PS5 offer a seamless experience with next-gen games and additional multimedia features. So it's only natural to ask if the Content Warning Game on Xbox/PS5 when an indie game like this literally gets overnight success.

Can You Play the Content Warning Game on Xbox/PS5?
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Curious about the spooky creatures you'll find in Content Warning's monochrome halls? Check out our complete list of Content Warning monsters here (content warning: scary).

As of yet, we haven't received word about Content Warning arriving to Xbox or PlayStation. And all signs suggest that it might take a while. But for now, we can be satisfied with the game's super low pricepoint and the PC version's features.

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