Content Warning Monsters Complete List: Names, Weaknesses, and More

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Content Warning Monsters Complete List: Names, Weaknesses, and More

Filming spooky creatures is your ticket to internet stardom, so we listed them all down in our complete Content Warning Monsters list.

In Content Warning, you and four other wannabe vloggers go out to dangerous places to film spooky monsters to farm SpookTube views. But monsters can kill you and your team pretty quickly if you don't know how to take them down — or simply call them out when you see them.

Content Warning is yet another indie co-op horror hit that's taken the Steam charts by storm. Depite barely being out for 2 days, the Landfall title has already stood out due to its kooky concept of four influencers risking their lives for more clicks on the web.

That said, the game offers ridiculous amounts of fun. In every mission, you and your buddies struggle to film yourselves with threatening monsters while also trying to avoid them. Which is funnier when people start roleplaying parodies of modern-day vloggers in life-threatening.

Content Warning Monsters Complete List

While we wait for Landfall Games to come out with an official “Pokedex”, here's our full list of Content Warning monsters, what they look like and how to survive each encounter.

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Monster Description How to Survive
“Spider” A flat-headed spider. Keep away from the webs it leaves behind and run away.
“Whisker” A tall, armless mannequin with a kitchen mixer head. Dodge its charge attack.
“Bomber” A short, sinewy creature with two large claws. Charges a slow attack with its claws and throws explosives at you. Run away while the Bomber charges its claw attack.
“Barnacle” A star-shaped creature found on ceilings. Captures players with its rope. Use Q to charge and throw and item at the Barnacle to defeat it.
“Centipede” A slow, skeletal creature whose silhouette resembles a giant humanoid. Run away and use walls/corners to avoid getting sucked in.
“Chokeleg” A rarely-seen shadowy figure that drags a player away during a jumpscare. Shine a flashlight towards it.
“Rock Bunny” Small, stone bunny heads left on the floor. Picking them up makes the player levitate and take damage near the ceiling. Don’t pick these up.
“Iron Maiden” A creature that traps a player within it. Makes their teammates solve a Captcha puzzle to free them. Solve the Captcha puzzle.
“Slime” A fast semi-liquid creature. Outrun it by jumping over gaps.
“Turret” A small robot dog armed with a machine gun and a laser pointer. Avoid getting spotted/jump over them.
“Ghost” A short-legged ghost armed with a knife. Dodge the first few knife swings to make it retreat.
“Snail” A slow-moving creature with a pointy head and a “hunchback” shell. Keep your distance and sneak around them.
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And those are all of the Content Warning Monsters we've found so far. These monsters present unique challenges, especially when they come as a horde. But always remember that the grind never stops for anybody, not even a kitchen mixer with legs.

Content Warning Monsters Complete List

Did we miss any? Or would you call some of these lovely critters by a different name? Let us know on our socials as the game develops!

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