How to Fix Content Warning ‘Failed to Extract’ Error Bug

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How to Fix Content Warning ‘Failed to Extract’ Error Bug

Fixing the Content Warning ‘Failed to Extract’ Error in 2024's latest co-op survival indie hit.

“Content Warning” players are being plagued by an extract error in the game's video editing process. Thankfully, the developers at Landfall gave a quick and easy solution in their recent Twitter post.

“Content Warning” is a playful vlogger simulator where you and your friends attempt to record spooky phenomenon for a shot at internet fame. Published by indie studio Landfall games, the indie hit rose the ranks with “overwhelmingly positive” reviews during its free weekend event.

Survival co-ops have been all the rage since 2024 started. And considering Content Warning's meteoric rise, the trend isn't going away any time soon. But as with all new games, errors are bound to pop up. And the latest one interferes with processing videos in-game!

Content Warning 'Failed to Extract' Error

Content Warning ‘Failed to Extract' Error

Extracting your camera's footage in Content Warning is as simple as throwing your camera into the “Video Extraction Machine”. Afterwards, you'll be given a CD with all of the videos you took during your last adventure. Uploading the clips onto Spook Tube earns you internet fame, which lets you afford even more stuff in the Content Warning shop.

Unfortunately, there's an error going around that keeps players from extracting their videos properly. Thankfully, Landfall has come out with an easy (temporary) fix which will keep you from losing all of your footage.

How to Fix Content Warning ‘Failed to Extract' Error

Simply pressing F3 will debug-extract the video in Content Warning, which fixes the ‘Failed to Extract’ Error bug in most cases. That said, the developers have made it a clear goal to get rid of the error.

In a new Tweet, @LandfallGames listed their top priorities in fixing the game. Content Warning players should expect a more permanent fix to the ‘Failed to Extract’ Error soon, along with cleaner voice chat and less disconnection issues.

Content Warning is free-to-keep if you add it to your Steam Library before April 3, 2024. Beyond that, the online co-op horror title costs $8, and can be played with three other friends.

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