Is Nightingale Coming To Xbox Game Pass: Revealed

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Is Nightingale Coming To Xbox Game Pass: Revealed

This article answers whether the Inflexion games survival title is coming to the Xbox Game Pass

Inflexion Games is spearheaded by ex-Mass Effect Developer Aaron Flynn, and Nightingale is one of the hottest indie survival titles coming to PC in 2024. The Survival Crafting game with Neo-Victorian elements has generated a lot of hype among fans of the survival genre. 2024 is already off to a great start with plenty of survival releases, including Enshrouded and Palworld.

Nightingale involves a whole lot of magic, and crafting. Players enter the shoes of a Realmwalker and you explore different realms within the world of Nightingale. The game has its own charm, being set in the Victorian era, having many elements of Sherlock Holmes, and more. There are also a lot of bosses to defeat, and many weapons to craft in this survival title from Inflexion Games.

This article answers the much-awaited question, would Nightingale come out on Microsoft's monthly gaming subscription service, AKA the Game Pass?

Is Nightingale Coming to the Xbox Game Pass?

No, Nightingale is not available on the Xbox Game Pass at the time of writing this article. However, we expect the devs to inform or release an update later about whether the game would arrive for subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass . The game can only be pre-purchased through Steam or through the Epic Games Store.

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Nightingale is set to release on February 20. Originally planned as a February 22 release, the team at Inflexion moved the date, allowing to be released 2 days earlier on early access starting from February 20, 2024. Nightingale is PC only for now, but we expect the devs to release it later for consoles such as the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X later.

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