Inside Team SoloMid at the Fortnite World Cup

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Inside Team SoloMid at the Fortnite World Cup

ESTNN’s Matt Pryor takes fans through Team SoloMid's performance at the Fortnite World Cup.

Team SoloMid is one of the most popular esports organizations in existence, and their presence in Fortnite has been noteworthy from the beginning. Team SoloMid saw five players in total qualify for Fortnite’s biggest tournament to date. TSM had five players representing the organization at the World Cup: Anthony “ZexRow” Colandro, Vinny “Vinny1x” Gilgan, Kyle “Herrions” Trusley, Josh “Commandment” Roach and Malachi “Reverse2k” Greiner. No members of TSM double-qualified for the competition.

TSM At the Fortnite World Cup

This left Reverse2k, Commandment and Herrions to represent their organization in solos. Additionally, Vinn1y and ZexRow would be the only TSM duo to qualify for World Cup. Even as a well-known group, Team SoloMid as a whole flew under the radar leading in.


Reverse2k at the Fortnite World Cup

As the latest edition to Team SoloMid, Reverse2k saw increased attention for attempting to qualify with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. Although the pair came close, they did not end up making it to New York City as a team. Reverse2k put up a stellar second-place finish in Week Seven of the solo qualifier. This effort granted him a spot on the world’s stage. Reverse2k would not perform up to expectations when the spotlight was on him, however. Over his six-match run at the World Cup, Reverse2k put up just one point. It seemed as though he endured some adversity early and could not bounce back. He earned $50K USD for himself in spite of a lackluster effort.

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ZexRow and Vinny1x

TSM Zexrow and Vinny1x at the Fortnite World Cup

Amidst rumors of a parting of ways, Vinny and ZexRow put all their effort into one last push as a team. Their road to the Fortnite World Cup came down to one last chance in week ten of duo qualifiers. Vinny and ZexRow would pick up a second-place finish to secure a trip to New York City where the pair represented TSM well.

Vinny and ZexRow collected thirty-five points over six matches finishing 9th overall. A strong third match even earned the pair a Victory Royale. They had a total of fifteen eliminations, and all of which occurred over a three-match span. Unfortunately for the duo, a string of three zero-elimination matches would land them outside of the top-five. Their prize winnings came out to $225K USD. It is a nice way to end one of the more recognizable duos in Fortnite’s young history. Vinny and ZexRow are planning to part ways citing different servers as the main reason.


Age proved to not be much of a detriment for attendants of the Fortnite World Cup. At just fourteen years of age, Commandment would be one of the youngest players to qualify for the illustrious tournament, and his path to the World Cup was a short one. Commandment qualified in Week One, and it was smooth sailing for the youngster from there.

When competition kicked off, Commandment found moderate success. Despite just five eliminations, Commandment’s seventh and third-place finishes proved to be crucial. It would be a twentieth place finish for the fourteen-year-old, who managed twenty total points throughout. Commandment would walk away with $112.5K USD in winnings.

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Unlike Commandment, Herrions would eke out a Worlds qualification during the final week of solo qualifiers. A third-place finish would yield him an opportunity to compete at the World Cup. As one of the newest members of TSM, Herrions’ competitive history is relatively scarce. Nonetheless, he strolled into the Fortnite World Cup ready to showcase his abilities. Unfortunately, Herrions would be one of just four players who failed to secure a single point. Ultimately he walked away with $50K USD, which is not bad all things considered.

These players endured ten weeks of intense competition just to make it to the World Cup. For most, it was a privilege just to be there. ZexRow and Vinny1x were the standout performers for TSM. All of these competitors are still young and have a lot to prove in competitive Fortnite. Team SoloMid would earn a total of $437,500 USD collectively when the World Cup drew to a close.

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