Inside Ghost Gaming’s Performance at the Fortnite World Cup

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Inside Ghost Gaming’s Performance at the Fortnite World Cup

Ghost Gaming is truly an original organization in competitive Fortnite. Much like the other two organizations covered, Ghost Gaming is all in. There are twenty total active Fortnite players on Ghost’s competitive roster. Top to bottom this is one of the most stacked organizations out there in terms of talent. Five total players battled through the qualifiers and earned the right to compete at the Fortnite World Cup.

Expectations were at an all-time high to see how each of these players would fair against the best in the world. Of the six players, five represented North America with the other representing Europe. None of those six managed to double-qualify for the event. The solos who punched their ticket to the World Cup were Timothy ‘Bizzle’ Miller and Issa ‘Issa’ Rahim. This left the duo qualifiers who were Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad, Sean ‘Sean’, Close and Rocco ‘Saf’ Morales. Sean and Aydan qualified as a pair, whereas Saf would play alongside Williams ‘Zayt’ Aubin of NRG Esports.

Sean and Aydan

The team of Sean and Aydan came into the tournament with high prospects. In week eight of World Cup qualifiers, the two west coast teammates racked up 114 points over ten games. The bar sat mightily high for Sean and Aydan. The two Ghost Gaming players would, unfortunately, perform well below expectations. With only ten points in total, Sean and Aydan struggled to find consistency. They tallied just seven eliminations during their six-game run. An eleventh place finish would be the highlight of their World Cup weekend. Sean and Aydan’s ten-point effort warranted them a thirty-seventh place finish overall. The total prize winnings for their result came out to $100K USD.

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fortnite saf
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A marvel of consistency, Ghost Saf was on a tear heading into the World Cup. Leading Saf and partner Zayt secured a World Cup position in week four of qualifiers. Over the five weeks of qualifiers, the duo had two third-place finishes and a first-place finish. Teaming up with Ghost Bizzle – Zayt and Saf were also victorious in the first iteration of the Trios Cash Cup. Many eyes were on the long-time teammates as they plunged their way into the World Cup. Zayt and Saf delivered an outstanding performance. They earned a lot of stream time with matches including five, four and seven eliminations. In those matches, Zayt and Saf finished in first, fifth and eighth place. As indicated earlier, this duo remained steady and consistent.

Zayt and Saf were undoubtedly the favorites to win $3M USD as match number four approached. From there, the elimination rate dropped off just a bit. Over the last three games, Zayt and Saf managed just six eliminations, but all three matches resulted in top twenty finishes. In total, the two amassed twenty-two eliminations and one Victory Royale. This impressive effort allowed Zayt and Saf to break the million-dollar threshold. The handsome reward for their masterful matches totaled up to $1.5M USD.


Hailing from Switzerland, famed controller player Issa managed to qualify as a solo in week five of World Cup qualifiers. As one of the top controller players in Fortnite, fans tuned in to see how Issa would fair against the PC competitors. Issa finished in thirty-seventh place out of 100. He put up three eliminations during his run and had a fourth-place finish in match two. Issa had three matches with zero eliminations, which put him severely behind the curve. Sixteen points would the total for Issa, which yielded him a total of $50K USD in winnings. The Ghost Gaming representative has since moved to the keyboard to see how his gameplay.

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All eyes were on Bizzle as the World Cup approached. He secured his place in week one of qualifiers and nearly qualified with his duos partner, Dylan ‘Dmo’ Moore. As a former Secret Skirmish winner, Bizzle is one of the best players in the world. Many other Fortnite pros predicted Bizzle to walk away with the $3M USD grand-prize. Over six matches, Bizzle would put up just nine eliminations. It proved to be an underwhelming performance by Bizzle. He did have a fourth-place finish in match four but compiled nineteen points in total. Bizzle would finish in twenty-third place in the end and earn himself $50K USD. This was most certainly not what Bizzle expected out of his run.

The Future

When the dust settled, Ghost Gaming’s competitors would produce lower than expected results overall. The organization would see their players collectively winning $950K USD. The result was not too bad monetarily with all things considered. Ghost Gaming possesses some of the most skilled players in the world of competitive Fortnite. With the Fortnite Championship Series looming, Ghost will be seeking redemption as a whole. The Fortnite World Cup is now in the past, and the organization is forming some juicy Trios as they look forward. Because of this, expect to see Ghost Gaming at the top of the leaderboard in the near future.

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