Inside FaZe’s Performace at the Fortnite World Cup

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Inside FaZe’s Performace at the Fortnite World Cup

FaZe is an organization that has stood the test of time. Part owner Richard ‘Banks’ Bengtson has helped build quite an empire since its inception in 2010. In the organizational history, they have participated in almost every esports title to date. It came as no surprise when FaZe entered the realm of Fortnite in early 2018. When the time had arrived, FaZe saw six of their Fortnite players represent the organization at the Fortnite World Cup. In total, FaZe sent two full duos, two half duos and four solos to New York City for the competition.

Four of the six players managed to double qualify for both solos and duos. Those players were Trevor ‘Funk’ Siegler, Megga, Daniel ‘Dubs’ Walsh and Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson. Funk paired up with fellow FaZe member Nate Hill for the duos portion. Megga and Dubs qualified as a duo under the FaZe banner. Mongraal competed alongside long-time duo partner Dmitri ‘Mitr0’ Van de Vrie. Vorwenn of Spain qualified with Jordan ‘Tuckz’ Tucker in duos. All players entered the largest competition with significant expectations.

Dubs and Megga

dubs and megga fortnite

Sending six organizational players to the biggest tournament of the year is a considerable achievement. All six of the competitors managed to represent FaZe well. Megga and Dubs impressed over the weekend with their performances in solos and duo. As a duo, the two teens collected $375K USD for their efforts, which totaled out thirty-eight points. Their run over six games included four top-fifteen finishes with two of their games resulting in a second and fourth-place finish. The total elimination count for their pair came out to sixteen.

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As a solo, Megga struggled a bit. His elimination count totaled out to just six with only one top-fifteen result. Megga’s finished with eleven points, which yielded $50K USD. Dubs, on the other hand, proved his solo skills. Although he only had two eliminations, a win in match number three went a long way for Dubs. His fifteenth-place finish won him $150K USD. The two young players were impressive in the inaugural World Cup.

Funk and Nate Hill

Funk and Nate Hill fortnite

Funk and Nate Hill were the only other full FaZe duo present at the World Cup. The two struggled mightily, compiling just eleven eliminations over their six games. A standout game of note happened to be their last, which was a thirteenth-place finish with three eliminations. With fourteen points in total, the long-time partners won $50K USD each. Funk’s solo performance was forgettable at best. He finished in a tie for last place with no points during the competition. Even so, Funk pocketed $50K USD despite his lackluster display.


mongraal fortnite

In a league of his own, Mongraal was the standout player representing the FaZe organization. Alongside his duo partner Mitr0, Mongraal delivered on expectations. The two were slaying machines amassing twenty-six eliminations throughout their tournament. They finished outside of the top twenty-five just once and had finishes of third and ninth. Consistency was the key to a 6th place duos finish, which exhibited $450K USD to split. Mongraal performed well in the solo competition to boot. He began slowly with three straight, no elimination matches. In match four, Mongraal produced seven eliminations and a second-place finish. The final point total finished at twenty-three and came along with $150K. Mongraal would not be complaining one bit to the tune of $375K USD in total prize winnings. The Euro earned many eliminations as most predicted to happen.

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vorwenn fortnite

The FaZe member out of Spain competed along with Tuckz from the United Kingdom. Vorwenn and Tuckz managed ten total eliminations over their six-game span. The two matches they managed to earn eliminations warranted a third and ninth-place finish respectively. Unfortunately, the pair of Euros had four games with no eliminations. It would be a twenty-second place finish for Tuckz and Vorwenn would take home $100K to split amongst themselves.

FaZe’s Future

Overall FaZe earned $1.15M USD from the six participating players. This is undoubtedly one of the better organizational performances over the span of the Fortnite World Cup. After losing popular professional players Cloakzy and Tfue, it was unsure where the FaZe organization stood. Their talent scouting really shined through as their players all managed to deliver in one way or another. It was the relentless slaying of Mongraal and the patiently executed strategies of Dubs and Megga that FaZe fans would be proud of. With sixteen total players on their roster, the future is mightily appealing for FaZe. You can expect to see their players clogging up leaderboards for years to come.

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