Inside E11 Gaming’s Performance at the Fortnite World Cup

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Inside E11 Gaming’s Performance at the Fortnite World Cup

Native to Canada,  Eleven Gaming (E11) is one of the newer esports organizations on the scene. In late 2018, NHL player Zach Hyman of the Toronto Maple Leafs established E11. Hyman saw a booming industry in esports and decided to enter the scene with an all-new organization. Fortnite is the only game that is apart of the Eleven Gaming brand. With a total of twelve players on their active roster, E11 saw five of its players qualify for the World Cup. The group of Garvin ‘BlooTea’ Chen, Klaus ‘Stompy’ Konstanzer, Jonas Colkær ‘Klusia’ Thomsen and Thomas ‘Tschinken’ Hörak and Calum ‘Itemm’ MacGillivray competed under their banner in New York City. Stompy and Klusia were the only double-qualifiers of the five. Stompy would ultimately team with fellow E11 member Tschinken. Klusia qualified with his duo partner Th0masHD. The remaining players BlooTea and Itemm respectively paired up with RoAtDW and Derox.

Itemm and Derox

itemm and derox fortnite

The European duo of Itemm and Derox have been teaming since March of this year. In week eight of the World Cup qualifiers, Itemm and Derox finished in fourth guaranteeing them a trip to New York City. The two performed exceptionally well during their six-game stretch. With twenty-one total eliminations, Itemm and Derox proved their abilities against the world’s top players. Their best match was match five where the two would combine for eight eliminations and an eighth-place finish. On top of a second-place result, Itemm and Derox would finish outside the top-thirty just once. Their consistency shined as they managed to accumulate at least one point in all six games. The Euros ultimately took eighth place out of fifty duos netting them $375K USD in winnings.

BlooTea and RoAtDW

roatdw and blootea

Similar to the aforementioned duo of itemm and Derox, BlooTea and RoAtDW qualified in week eight. A second-place finish would lock up their spot at the World Cup. BlooTea and RoAtDW had a decent first three matches in the duos competition. Although only managing four eliminations, the pair had a twenty-first and nineteenth place finish to open up their World Cup run. The final three matches would prove fruitless for the pair. BlooTea and RoAtDW failed to secure a point to close out their World Cup. All four of the duo’s points were from eliminations. BlooTea and RoAtDW finished in forty-sixth place taking home $100K USD to split.

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Stompy and Tschinken

tschinken and stompy fortnite

The only full E11 duo of Stompy and Tschinken first qualified in week two. Over the qualifying period, these two would go on to finish in the top-two, four different times. This placed the Austrians amongst the best leading into the World Cup. Stompy and Tschinken had an adventurous World Cup, to say the least. In matches one and two, the European team had five eliminations to go along with a seventeenth and sixth-place finish. Matches three, four and five proved less successful for Stompy and Tschinken. Over that span, the pair were unable to grab any eliminations.

A twelfth-place result in match four provided a much-needed point for the Euros. Their final match saw the pair shoot effectively and amass six eliminations ending the match in fifteenth place. Stompy and Tschinken completed their World Cup run with twenty-two points and a twenty-fifth place finish. This result for the Euros yielded $100K USD in prize money for their efforts.

Stompy additionally partook in the World Cup Solos competition for Eleven Gaming. One week is all it took for Stompy to secure his spot in the World Cup Solo finals. He took fourth place in week four of the European qualifier, and then went on to place eleventh in week nine. As a double-qualifier, many were looking at Stompy as one of the front-runners of the Euro scene coming in. He would ultimately prove his ability when the time came to play.

Stompy compiled ten eliminations over six matches with a fourteenth and third-place finish to boot. The Austrian’s best match proved to be his last with four eliminations in addition to the aforementioned third-place finish. With two zero elimination games mixed in, Stompy could have accomplished a lot more. Even so, he represented the Euro scene well. In total, the Austrian managed twenty-one points, which was good enough for fifteenth place. Stompy ultimately walked away with an impressive $150K USD all to himself.

Klusia and Th0masHD

klusia and thomashd fortnite

Klusia of E11 began duo qualifiers with Sieba, but the two eventually parted ways. In week ten of the qualifiers, Th0masHD joined with Klusia, and the just barely made the cut. Finishing in sixth place, the two Danes punched their ticket to compete at the World Cup. Their duos run had some impressive moments, especially in the final two matches. Klusia and Th0masHD put up seven eliminations along with a second and ninth-place finish in matches five and six. Match five saw Klusia in position for a potential win. With Klusia last alive for the duo, he was unable to eliminate eventual winners Nyhrox and aqua. Overall, Klusia and Th0masHD compiled twenty-four points with twelve each coming from eliminations and placement. It would be a twenty-first place result for Klusia and Th0masHD, pocketing $50K USD each for their efforts.

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Klusia would see his tournament experience extended into day three where he competed in solos. He secured his Fortnite World Cup spot in week five with a third-place finish.  His solos run proved to be less successful than in duos. Klusia experienced a slow start and managed zero eliminations and points in matches one through three. His next three matches were much better. Klusia put up eight eliminations and a twelfth-place to move him up the leaderboard over that span. He would ultimately gather thirteen points and $50K USD in winnings.

Bright Future for E11

Eleven Gaming provided one of the most impressive organizational performances at the Fortnite World Cup. The organization was able to showcase exactly how talented the European players are. As a newer organization to the scene, Zach Hyman and company have a lot to be proud of. Stompy and Klusia stood out especially well as double-qualifiers. All players had something to be proud of when the Fortnite World Cup came to a close. Overall Eleven Gaming would finish the Fortnite World Cup with $587.5K USD in total prize winnings. Keep an eye out as E11 and the other Euros continue to rival North America as the more dominant region.

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