Infinity Ward Release “Surprise!” Item Pack As They Tease Upcoming Warzone Event

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Infinity Ward Release “Surprise!” Item Pack As They Tease Upcoming Warzone Event

As we await the upcoming Warzone live event, Infinity Ward can't stop themselves from teasing us a bit more.

May 19 saw the Warzone bunkers become unlocked. With fans figuring out the process of making it into Bunker 11 within no time. While we all brushed up on our Russian numbers to unlock Bunker 11, Infinity Ward sent out a notification through the Call of Duty app, which hinted at a Warzone live event. The notification says “time of meeting unknown – suspected for 21 MAY” suggesting that something may be happening today.

Many suspected 1 pm EST to be the time of the event, as this is the normal update time for Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone. Instead of an event, we got this “Surprise!” pack in the item store. The description states “We got a little something for you, but you can't tell anyone. Looking deeper, the pack continues to hint at the bunker 11 mystery as it includes a “Blossom Bomb” spray. There are many theories surrounding bunker 11, including wolves that can be heard howling around Prison and Dam. While many of the pipes in Dam can also be heard creaking. The main theory is that the Dam will break, and water will flood through and onto the map. However, this has not been confirmed.

It is unsure when this Warzone event will be taking place, with many different dates being speculated. But when it happens, it’s going to be big!

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